SpaceX capsule with world's first all-civilian orbital crew set for splashdown

The quartet of newly minted citizen astronauts comprising the SpaceX Inspiration4 mission were due to splash down in the Atlantic off Florida on Saturday, completing a three-day flight of the first all-civilian crew ever launched into Earth orbit.

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  • NASA discovers first possible planet outside our galaxy

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    Scientists may have detected signs of a planet transiting a star outside of the Milky Way, in what could be the first planet ever to be discovered outside our galaxy. The possible exoplanet was discovered in the Whirlpool Galaxy -- the spiral galaxy Messier 51 (M51) -- by NASA's Chandra X-ray Observatory, NASA said in a press release on Monday. Source
  • Look out for 'destructive' feral pigs, says Invasive Species Council of B.C.

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    The Invasive Species Council of B.C. is asking people to stay vigilant and report any feral pig sightings, in order to prevent the voracious animals from becoming too established in the province. Most reports come from the Chilcotin, Peace and Thompson-Okanagan areas, according to Gail Wallin, executive director of the council. Source
  • A Canadian in Iceland: The country's first lady on how her adopted home is tackling climate change

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    Our planet is changing. So is our journalism. This story is part of a CBC News initiative entitled Our Changing Planet to show and explain the effects of climate change and what is being done about it. Source
  • Why do only mammals have tusks? Study traces their surprising origins

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    Tusks are a striking feature of many animals -- elephants, hippos, warthogs, walruses -- and are often sought-after by humans. But no birds, fish or reptiles today sport this extreme and ever-growing bit of anatomy. Source
  • SpaceX fixes Crew Dragon toilet before this weekend's launch

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    A SpaceX Crew Dragon capsule is slated to take a group of professional astronauts to space this weekend. But first, NASA must look over and approve some changes SpaceX made to address some issues with a key component — the toilet. Source
  • City of Iqaluit says historical fuel spill likely source of drinking water contamination

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    An Iqaluit city official told CBC News that an underground fuel spill found near the water treatment plant could explain why the city had to declare an emergency due to fuel-contaminated drinking water. "The team located an underground spill that showed signs of historic fuel adjacent to the water treatment plant in an inaccessible, below-ground void," Amy Elgersma, Iqaluit's chief administrative officer, told Mary Tatty, host of CBC's noon hour program, Nipivut. Source
  • Blue Origin, Boeing reveal plan to build 'business park' space station

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    Billionaire Jeff Bezos-owned Blue Origin on Monday unveiled plans to develop a commercial space station called "Orbital Reef" with Boeing, aiming to launch the spacecraft in the second half of this decade. The venture will be built in partnership with Sierra Space, the spaceflight wing of defence contractor Sierra Nevada Corp, and will be backed by Redwire Space, Genesis Engineering Solutions and Arizona State University. Source
  • The latest technology in art restoration? Bacteria

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    Rome may be the eternal city, but its ancient artifacts are under unrelenting assault by the ravages of time, pollution, acid rain and the sweat and breath of millions of tourists. The Arch of Septimius Severus in the Roman Forum, for one, has the grime of 18 centuries caked onto its surface. Source
  • YouTube, TikTok, Snap execs face U.S. senators on kids' safety

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    WASHINGTON -- Bearing down on hugely popular social media platforms and their impact on children, the leaders of a U.S. Senate panel have called executives from YouTube, TikTok and Snapchat to face questions on what their companies are doing to ensure young users' safety. Source
  • U.S. Senators put YouTube, TikTok, Snap on defensive on kids' use

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    WASHINGTON -- U.S. senators put executives from YouTube, TikTok and Snapchat on the defensive Tuesday, questioning them about what they're doing to ensure young users' safety on their platforms. Citing the harm that can come to vulnerable young people from the sites -- ranging from eating disorders to exposure to sexually explicit content and material promoting addictive drugs -- the lawmakers also sought the executives' support for legislation bolstering protection of children on social…