Jeff Bezos is going to space for 11 minutes. Here's how risky that is

Jeff Bezos can have anything. He could circle the globe in a private jet or sail it forever in a fleet of megayachts. He could afford to buy a the whole NFL; he could buy an archipelago for his family and friends; he could buy over 65,000 Bugatti Chirons (base price US$2.9 million), even though only 500 are being built.

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  • Scientists solve mystery of why some animals are able to survive without sexual reproduction

    Tech & Science CTV News
    TORONTO -- An international team of researchers have found that some animals can survive over very long periods of time -- possibly millions of years -- without sexual reproduction. By studying a tiny beetle mite species, just one-fifth of a millimetre in size, scientists found that asexual reproduction can be successful in the long term. Source
  • DNA researchers generate facial reconstructions of three Ancient Egyptians

    Tech & Science CTV News
    TORONTO -- DNA researchers have given us a glimpse of what Ancient Egyptians may have looked like. Researchers from Parabon NanoLabs, a Virginia-based DNA technology company, have created 3D reconstructions of the faces of three men after processing DNA samples from mummies. Source
  • Facebook puts Instagram for kids on hold after pushback

    Tech & Science CTV News
    Instagram is putting a hold on the development of Instagram kids, geared towards children under 13, so it can address concerns about the vulnerability of younger users. Adam Mosseri, the head of Instagram, wrote in a blog post Monday that a delay will give the company time to "work with parents, experts, policymakers and regulators, to listen to their concerns, and to demonstrate the value and importance of this project for younger teens online today. Source
  • Industrial plastic is spilling into Great Lakes, and no one's regulating it, experts warn

    Tech & Science CBC News
    As the people of Toronto flocked to the Lake Ontario waterfront to swim, paddle and generally escape pandemic isolation, Chelsea Rochman's students at the University of Toronto were throwing plastic bottles with GPS trackers into the water. Source
  • 3D printing could help build homes with unique designs more cheaply, advocates say

    Tech & Science CBC News
    The Fibonacci House in Proctor, B.C., boasts spectacular views of the nearby mountains — but that's not what makes the tiny home a one-of-a-kind vacation rental. It is Canada's first 3D printed house — a spiral structure with a standout feature: Curved walls. Source
  • Nicknamed the 'Molten Ring,' this deep-space phenomenon is 9.4 billion light-years away

    Tech & Science CTV News
    TORONTO -- In 2020, the Hubble Space Telescope captured a rare and spectacular image of light from a far-away galaxy curving in a glowing arc around a cluster of dense gravity -- and now, new analysis has revealed that this light travelled 9.4 billion light-years to reach us. Source
  • Russian space movie crew set for blast-off

    Tech & Science CTV News
    MOSCOW -- A Russian crew of two cosmonauts and two cinema professionals is set to take off for the International Space Station (ISS) early next month to shoot the first movie in outer space. The four are scheduled to be launched on a Soyuz MS-19 craft on Oct. Source
  • Your smartphone has enough data to potentially detect cannabis intoxication, study finds

    Tech & Science CTV News
    Researchers from Rutgers University in New Jersey say smartphone sensor data combined with machine learning could detect whether someone is under the influence of marijuana. The researchers set out to develop a proof-of-concept way to passively detect cannabis use as an alternative to existing detection measures, such as blood, urine or saliva tests. Source
  • After devastating European fire season, experts call for new approach to protecting forests

    Tech & Science CBC News
    Scenes from this summer's devastating wildfires in southern Europe reverberated around the world. Acres of olive groves reduced to charcoal. Livestock lying dead and burnt in blackened fields. "I am ruined," one shepherd in Italy's Sardinia region told RAI, the country's public broadcaster. Source
  • P.E.I. mushroom trip: foragers take to the forests during plentiful season

    Tech & Science CBC News
    The conditions are perfect for mushroom growth on P.E.I. this year. "We had three or so really dry summers and this year was really wet, so mushrooms just flushed out," said Ken Sanderson, a local mushroom enthusiast. He said the foraging community on the Island is growing along with the fungi — and people have been after a particular edible mushroom. Source