This machine can help turn used PPE into almost anything

TORONTO -- Over a year into the global COVID-19 pandemic and the scale of waste from single-use personal protective equipment (PPE) is slowly being tallied as masks, gloves and face shields fill bodies of water and landfills.

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  • 'Murder hornet' found near Seattle is the first US sighting in 2021

    Tech & Science CTV News
    The first reported Asian giant hornet of 2021 in the United States was found dead near Seattle by a Washington state resident in early June. The dead insect, nicknamed the "murder hornet," found in Marysville, Washington, was dried out and emerged earlier than usual, so it may have been an "old hornet from a previous season that wasn't discovered until now," said Sven Spichiger, managing entomologist for the Washington State Department of Agriculture, during a press conference. Source
  • Massive icebergs from Hudson Bay used to travel all the way to Florida, research suggests

    Tech & Science CTV News
    TORONTO -- Researchers in the United States have uncovered what they believe is evidence to suggest that once-massive icebergs floated from northern Canada to southern Florida. Using high-resolution sea floor mapping, researchers at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI) and the United States Geological Survey (USGS) discovered about 700 iceberg scours -- a term referring to “plow marks” on the ocean floor from icebergs -- that run from North Carolina to the Florida Keys. Source
  • Alberta now a 'hot spot' for tapeworm that can cause fatal tumours in humans, study cautions

    Tech & Science CBC News
    Alberta is now a hot spot of a potentially deadly tapeworm passed from wild canines to humans, and many cases of the parasitic infection could be going undetected, warns an infectious disease specialist. "Alberta is clearly the hot spot," said Stan Houston, a University of Alberta professor in the Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry and lead author of a new study detailing a recent cluster of alveolar echinococcosis (AE) cases in Alberta. Source
  • Good for the goose? Droppings are the star ingredient in new Finnish beer

    Tech & Science CBC News
    In Lahti, Finland, they take recycling seriously. Named the European Green Capital this year by the European Commission, the city's is already successfully recycling 99 per cent of household waste. Inspired by his city's success, beer brewer Samuli Kiuru is now looking to Lahti's parks — and the goose droppings that pile up there. Source
  • 1,098-carat diamond pulled from mine in Botswana

    Tech & Science CBC News
    A 1,098-carat diamond believed to be the third-largest gem-quality stone ever to be mined has been discovered in Botswana, according to a joint venture between Anglo American's De Beers and the government. The stone was presented to President Mokgweetsi Masisi on Wednesday by Debswana Diamond Company's acting managing director, Lynette Armstrong. Source
  • Erosion experts caution N.B. against continued coastal development

    Tech & Science CBC News
    For people who live along the sandstone shoreline of southeastern New Brunswick, constant erosion and rising sea levels are facts of life. As developers push to build closer and closer to the ocean, environmental experts say it's time for the province to strengthen the rules that protect the coast. Source
  • BMW dealership plans to pave a forest and put up a parking lot

    Tech & Science CBC News
    Residents who live near the Ottawa airport and the area councillor oppose plans by a local car dealership to build a parking lot over a portion of a forest along Hunt Club Road. Otto's BMW has requested permission from the City of Ottawa to extend its parking lot over approximately 1.57 hectares of the forest due to current space issues. Source
  • Brief, global internet outages blamed on software bug

    Tech & Science CTV News
    A software bug at a major network provider briefly knocked dozens of financial institutions, airlines and other companies across the globe offline during peak business hours in Asia. Akamai, which runs one of the internet's main content-delivery systems, said the outage Thursday was not caused by a cyberattack, but rather a software bug on a service that protects customers against denial-of-service attacks. Source
  • Province sues to seize truck and boat of B.C. hunter accused of caging bear cub, harassing elk

    Tech & Science CBC News
    B.C.'s director of civil forfeiture is suing to seize a truck and boat belonging to a hunter who is accused of caging a bear cub and harassing a swimming elk. According to a lawsuit filed Wednesday in B.C. Source
  • Astronomers find more clues behind 'Great Dimming' of giant star

    Tech & Science CBC News
    Between November 2019 and March 2020, a massive star dimmed in a way never seen before, puzzling astronomers. Some people hoped that it was an indication that the star was dying and that it would result in a spectacular explosion that would have illuminated the sky like a full moon. Source