Recent drug problems ‘a black eye’ for UFC: Lawler

Robbie Lawler is 'bummed' about the recent drug problems to the sports brightest lights.

The UFC welterweight talked about Jon Jones positive test for cocaine in December, and then mentioned Anderson Silva's positive drug test for anabolic steroids, after his win over Nick Diaz at UFC 183 on Jan.

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"People make mistakes, but it was definitely a black eye for the sport," Lawler told in reference to the Jones and Silva incidents. "Hopefully the commission, the UFC, and all the fighters, can help clean up the sport."

Silva was tested on Jan. 9, with the results coming out days after his win over Diaz. He has denied using steroids.

Silva was temporarily suspended by the Nevada Athletic Commission and will face further penalties at an NAC hearing in either March or April.

Jones was flagged for cocaine on Dec. 23, but since the test was considered out of competition, he will face no discipline from the NAC, but was fined $25,000 by the UFC for violating the company's code of conduct.

A lot on the plate

Conor McGregor isn't a short-term thinker.

The bombastic Irishman has a title fight set for July with featherweight belt holder Jose Aldo, but he's looking beyond that.

He's weighing his options for a potential move up a class to lightweight, where Anthony Pettis is the title holder.

"I think it would be a great fight," McGregor said about fighting Pettis. "Definitely, 155 lbs. is in my future. Anthony is phenomenal on the feet. He's got good jiu-jitsu. I feel it would be a great fight. It's a fight I have my eyes on."

McGregor says he shouldn't have an issue getting to lightweight.

"I have no problem going right up to welterweight to be honest," McGregor told MMAFighting. “We'll see. I am young. I am 26 years old. We'll see what opportunities present themselves."

But there is caveat in all this is: He's got to beat Aldo before he can even contemplate a jump in weight class, let alone fighting for another belt.

"I'm gonna sprint straight for him," McGregor said of Aldo. "I won't give him a second. I'm gonna go in with my hands raised. I'm gonna be talking to him while I'm whooping him at the same time, the same way I do to them all.”

Do what the man says.

Resurrection Fighting Alliance featherweight Jamal Parks took the advice of UFC lightweight Daniel Cormier a couple of years back.

The UFC fighter walked into Parks gym, where the former All-American Oklahoma State Cowboy wrestler was training and told him he didn't need to fight as an amateur.

Parks took the advice of Cormier, much to his benefit.

Parks is now 5-0 in his pro career, with his sixth fight set for Saturday night at RFA 23 in Costa Mesa, Calif.

Despite his unblemished record in the pro ranks, he doesn't regret anything he's done to this point.

“I was advised by more than one person to jump straight into (pro fighting),” Parks told MMAJunkieRadio. “I don’t regret my decision (to stay amateur). I’ve had great influences in my life.”

Parks was an All American wrestler with the Oklahoma State University Cowboys and finished fifth in the 2011 NCAA championships, so he clearly has the chops to make a legitimate go of it.

He just needed a push out the door and he got it from Cormier.

Quick hits

UFC strawweight Page Van Zant says her fight with Felice Herrig, set for April 18 at UFC Fight Night 57, isn't just about a fight between two 'hot chicks.' “We were born this way,” Van Zant said . “It’s nothing we can change, and it just means we both have to prove that we’re the toughest people out there. I’m going to go out there and prove that I’m not just a pretty face.” ... Talk is ramping up that former UFC fighter Wanderlei Silva – recently linked with World Wrestling Entertainment-- has been linked to a Feb. 20 fight with Phil Baroni for the Inoki Genome (Wrestling) Federation in Japan ... The recent apparel deal the UFC signed with Reebok won't benefit all fighters claims interim heavyweight champion Fabricio Verdun. "It’s not 100 % set how it’s going to be, but I think that for those who are fighting for a long time, who battled for a good position in the rankings, the champion or the top 10 fighters, will benefit from (the sponsorship)," Verdun said.


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