Frank Mir accidentally travelled to Brazil with bullets in his suitcase

Former UFC heavyweight title holder Frank Mir almost cleared customs in Brazil without a hitch.

Mir arrived in Samba-Land some days ahead of his UFC Fight Night 60 match with Antonio Silva and customs officers waived him back.

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Apparently, there was something his backpack. Turns out there were a pair of 9-mm bullets in his carry-on bag.

“I have a bunch of different gym bags, too many bags that I use, and my backpack, I guess, I hadn’t used it since I went shooting last,” Mir told MMAjunkie Radio.

The situation was further complicated because the officers didn't speak much English and Mir, apparently, left his Rosetta Stone lessons at home in Sin City.

The customs officers asked Mir if he was a cop. Mir said he was from Las Vegas, was trained with firearms, and had made an honest mistake.

With time a' wasting, Mir called UFC president Dana White to see what the head honcho could do to get him out of a sticky situation.

An hour later he was out the door minus two things.

“The gentleman came over, and he had a smile on his face,” Mir said. “He handed me my passport and let me know that I could have the passport and he was going to keep the bullets, and to try not to make that mistake again.”

Out of the lineup

T.J. Waldburger fell ill while trying to shed a few pound for his welterweight fight with Wendell Oliveira and is out of UFC Fight Night 61 on Sunday night.

Apparently, he fainted during his weight cut and was unable to make the weigh in.

A source close to the fight confirmed the cancellation, but no official announcement has been made.

And for those of you wondering, both fighters will get paid their contracted amount.

Waldburger was looking to rebound after three losses in his past four fights, including consecutive knock outs at the fists of Adlan Amagov at UFC 166 and Mike Pyle at UFC 170.

Oliveira made his UFC debut last September and was dusted off by Sergio Ponzinibbio just 80 seconds into the fight. The loss snapped a seven-fight winning streak and handed him his first defeat since July of 2012.

UFC Fight Night 61 takes place at the Gigantinho Gymnasium in Porte Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil.

Government warning

Drastic measures to make a weight cut has caused many MMA fighters to endanger their health.

With that in mind, the California State Athletic Commission is trying to raise awareness about the health concerns in cutting too much weight far too soon.

In a memo released by CSAC executive director Andy Foster, the commission says severe weight cuts and dehydration can cause a myriad of health problems such as decreased kidney function and increased risk of brain injury.

According to the commission 39% of MMA fighters enter the cage in a state of dehydration.

"Heat illness and death in athletes have already happened in the sports of wrestling and MMA," the memo states. "It's been shown that excessive weight loss, rapid-weight loss, and repeated cycling of weight gain/loss causes decreased performance, hormonal imbalance, decreased nutrition, and increased injury risk."

Just a few weeks ago, Paul Redmond tried to cut a bunch of weight in order to fight Mirsad Bektic at UFC Fox 14 on Jan. 24. According to reports, Redmond was near 20 pounds overweight with just a few days left until the weigh in. Apparently, he hit the sauna and sweated out the body fluid in order to make weight.

Other side effects of drastic weight loss and dehydration are: decreased muscle strength, decreased heart and cardiovascular function, eye trouble and mood swings, but to name a few symptoms.

The CSAC advises fighters to 'commit to year-round proper dieting and training for proper weight control and body composition' as well as 'not competing in a weight class outside your appropriate weight class.'

On the lighter side

UFC middleweight Luke Rockhold has a personal 'no-sex zone' about a month before a fight. “I mean, I'm single and I don't like (chasing women),” Rockhold told the Gio and Jones Show on CBS Radio. “It's exhausting and it takes energy to go out there and do that kind of stuff. So, I'd probably... I mean just to pursue girls and deal with them. I just want to get some sleep, sometimes they get in the way. There's nothing I love more than fighting, this is my girlfriend.”

Quick hits

UFC middleweight Mark Munoz was advised by his doctor to quit fighting and take up another line of work after tearing his MCL and PCL in his fight with Gegard Mousasi last May. His response? “I said, 'what? No!'" His coaches and trainers also got on board and told the 37-year-old to slow down and relax more. We'll see what happens ... Jessica Andrade is riding a three-fight win streak and has moved up the ranks of the women's bantamweight division. She wants a title shot, but she's a patient woman. She took the high road when asked about Ronda Rousey"I don’t like to talk trash," she told "I’m a cool girl. I can wait for my time.”


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