U.S. tells remaining cruise passengers to stay out of country for 2 weeks

The U.S. government made good on its warning to Americans who chose to remain on board a quarantined cruise ship in Japan, telling them they cannot return home for at least two weeks after they come ashore.

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    The federal government overestimated the cost of complying with a Canadian Human Rights Tribunal order that it compensate First Nations children apprehended from their homes through the on-reserve child welfare system, according to the Parliamentary Budget Officer. The Parliamentary Budget Officer (PBO) issued a report on the price of the tribunal order Thursday. Source
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  • Canadian passengers on virus-stricken cruise finally headed for home

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    An ill-fated cruise that has experienced a COVID-19 outbreak and four deaths is finally coming to an end after politicians in Florida agreed to allow its passengers to disembark in Fort Lauderdale. "I couldn't begin to tell you how happy we are," said passenger Chris Joiner, 59, of Orleans, Ont. Source
  • A record 10 million sought U.S. jobless aid in past 2 weeks

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