Uganda's longtime leader takes lead in provisional results

KAMPALA, Uganda — Provisional results show Uganda's president has an early lead over his main rival in the country's presidential elections.

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Partial results announced Friday gave President Yoweri Museveni nearly 62 per cent of the vote, far ahead of his nearest rival Kizza Besigye, with 33 per cent.

The results account for about 23 per cent of all polling stations across the country.

The elections were marred by delays in delivering voting materials, especially in areas seen as opposition strongholds.

Voting is taking place Friday at 36 polling stations in Kampala and the neighboring district of Wakiso where no voting took place on Thursday.

Besigye was briefly arrested late Thursday after visiting a house in Kampala where he suspected ballot-stuffing was taking place. Police said the house was a security facility.


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