2 Malians indicted for attack on luxury hotel that killed 20

BAMAKO, Mali -- A prosecutor in Mali says two men have been indicted on charges of complicity in terrorism for the attack on a luxury hotel in Mali's capital in November that killed 20 people.

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Boubacar Sidiki Samake said Wednesday that the men were arrested Nov. 26 and indicted on Dec. 16. Samake, who leads the investigation into the attacks on the Radisson Blu hotel, said the men had been identified on surveillance video. He said that when arrested they were each carrying about 200,000 CFA ($330) in cash, enough to leave Mali.

Two gunmen armed with Kalashnikov assault rifles and explosives stormed the hotel early Nov. 20 and shot at patrons. Malian troops, backed by French and American special forces, retook the building.

The gunmen were killed at the scene.


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