Israel completes final test of 'David's Sling' missile defence system

JERUSALEM -- Israel says it has completed the final test of a joint U.S.-Israeli missile defence system before it becomes operational.

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The Defence Ministry said Monday that the David's Sling system will be delivered to the military next year.

The test comes amid heightened tensions between Israel and the Lebanese militant group Hezbollah following the killing of Samir Kantar, a Hezbollah fighter. The militant group blamed Israel for the killing. Three rockets fired from Lebanon struck Israel Sunday, although it was unclear who fired them.

Israeli defence official Yair Ramati says the test's timing was unrelated to the tensions.

David's Sling is intended to counter medium-range missiles possessed by enemies throughout the region, most notably Hezbollah. The Lebanese militant group is believed to possess tens of thousands of rockets and missiles.


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