Brazil struggles to curb prison violence that has killed at least 125

RIO DE JANEIRO -- Brazilian authorities are scrambling to stop a wave of prison violence that has killed at least 125 inmates in two weeks, many with their heads cut off or their hearts and intestines ripped out.
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Fla. airport shooting suspect blamed 'mind control,' Islamic State ties

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. -- The man suspected of fatally shooting five people and wounding six others at a Florida airport told investigators initially he was under government mind control and then claimed to be inspired by Islamic State websites and chatrooms, authorities said at a hearing Tuesday.
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Nigerian jet strikes refugee camp in error, reportedly killing more than 100

A Nigerian Air Force fighter jet on a mission against Boko Haram extremists mistakenly bombed a refugee camp Tuesday, killing more than 100 refugees and wounding aid workers, a Borno state official said. A Red Cross worker said 20 volunteers with the aid group had been killed.
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Turkey: Istanbul nightclub attacker confessed after capture

ISTANBUL -- The accused perpetrator of a New Year's nightclub attack in Istanbul has confessed and his fingerprints are a match, Turkish authorities said Tuesday. They identified him as an Uzbek national who trained in Afghanistan and staged the attack for the Islamic State group.
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School-worker canned for correcting student's spelling

A snarky school-worker who was sacked for correcting a student’s spelling says she no longer wants to be a distraction.
Katie Nash was the web experience coordinator for Frederick County (Md.) Public Schools until she recently tweeted back at a student.
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Orlando shooter Omar Mateen’s widow faces charges tied to attack

WASHINGTON — The wife of the Orlando nightclub shooter was arrested Monday by the FBI, a U.S. law enforcement official told The Associated Press.
The official said Noor Salman was taken into custody Monday morning in the San Francisco area and is due in court Tuesday in California.
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Enormous alligator spotted in Florida nature reserve

Visitors to Florida's Circle B Bar Reserve in Lakeland, Fla., got a thrill on Sunday when a massive alligator strolled by in front of them.
'Godzilla' gator lumbers around Florida reserve0:49
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Dance teacher allegedly caught in sex romp with teen

A Florida dance teacher found herself out of step with the law after a furious stepfather alleged he caught her naked in bed with his 15-year-old daughter.
Cops say Lauren Debenedetta, 38, the founder and artistic director of Haven Dance Studio in North Port was arrested.
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Former Klan Grand Dragon to MLK's daughter: 'I'm sorry'

ATLANTA -- Scott Shepherd didn't fire the shot that killed Martin Luther King Jr., but the former Ku Klux Klan Grand Dragon says he has always felt remorse toward the family of the slain civil rights leader and all who honour his legacy.
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Officers at Ohio jail beat homeless veteran into coma, lawsuit alleges

DAYTON, Ohio — A federal lawsuit alleges that officers at an Ohio jail beat a homeless veteran so severely that he ended up in a coma for two months, now needs a wheelchair and is cognitively disabled.
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Growing list of Democrats boycotting Trump inauguration

WASHINGTON -- More than 30 House Democrats plan to boycott President-elect Donald Trump's inauguration on Friday, casting the Republican businessman as a threat to democracy.
Reps. Steve Cohen of Tennessee, Jerrold Nadler of New York and Don Beyer of Virginia on Monday joined a growing list of lawmakers who will not attend Trump's swearing-in at the U.S.
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Official: Nigeria mistakenly bombs refugee camp, kills more than 100

MAIDUGURI, Nigeria -- A Nigerian Air Force fighter jet on a mission against Boko Haram extremists mistakenly bombed a refugee camp Tuesday, killing more than 100 refugees and wounding aid workers, a Borno state official said.
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Mega-alligator captured on film in Lakeland, Florida

A group of wide-eyed nature enthusiasts were gobsmacked Sunday when they came across an enormous alligator in Lakeland, Fla.
The prehistoric-looking beast was captured on film as it casually strolled across a path at the Circle B Bar Reserve.
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