Passenger train partly derails in Australia, killing 2

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA -- Several cars on a passenger train derailed in southeastern Australia, killing two operators and injuring 12 other people, police said.
The train was heading from Sydney to Melbourne late Thursday when part of it came off the tracks in Victoria state near Wallan.
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Thai court orders popular opposition party dissolved

BANGKOK -- Thailand's constitutional Court on Friday ordered the popular opposition Future Forward Party dissolved, declaring that it violated election law by accepting a loan from its leader.
The court also imposed a 10-year ban on the party's executive members holding political office.
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Syrian rebels and Turkish forces fought government troops in northwest Syria on Thursday as Russian warplanes struck back in a sharp escalation of an intense battle over the last rebel bastions of Syria. 
The recent escalation in fighting has left one million civilians — mostly women and children — to desperately flee the relentless bombing and fighting.
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Latino voters turned the course of the Democratic presidential primaries in 2016.
They're about to get their say in 2020.
Starting this weekend in Nevada, followed just over a week later by the delegate-bountiful states of California and Texas, Hispanic voters will play a make-or-break role.
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WASHINGTON -- Intelligence officials say Russia is interfering with the 2020 election to try to help U.S. President Donald Trump get reelected, The New York Times reported Thursday.
The Times said intelligence officials told lawmakers about the interference in a Feb.
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Grief, anger and calls for action after shooting in Germany

BERLIN -- Thousands have gathered in cities across Germany to hold vigils for the victims of a racially motivated shooting, amid growing calls for authorities to crack down on far-right extremism.
A 43-year-old German man shot dead nine people of immigrant background in the Frankfurt suburb of Hanau Wednesday before killing his mother and himself.
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Intel officials say Russia boosting Trump candidacy

WASHINGTON -- Intelligence officials have warned lawmakers that Russia is interfering in the 2020 election campaign to help U.S. President Donald Trump get reelected, three officials familiar with the closed-door briefing said Thursday.
The warning raises questions about the integrity of the presidential campaign and whether Trump's administration is taking the proper steps to combat the kind of interference that the U.S.
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Iran votes in parliament elections that favour conservatives

TEHRAN, IRAN -- Iranians were voting for a new parliament Friday, with turnout seen as a key measure of support for Iran's leadership as sanctions weigh on the economy and isolate the country diplomatically.
The disqualification of more than 7,000 potential candidates, most of them reformists and moderates, raised the possibility of lower-than-usual turnout.
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Fashion school apologizes after catwalk accessories called racist

TORONTO -- A New York City-based fashion school has apologized after a model booked to walk in their fashion show complained that the accessories she was asked to wear on the catwalk were racist.
Models were asked to wear exaggerated ears, lips and bushy eyebrows for the Fashion Institute of Technology’s MFA show during a New York Fashion Week showcase in Manhattan on Feb.
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Wounded but defiant, Bloomberg promises to keep fighting

SALT LAKE CITY -- His aura suddenly shattered, a defiant Michael Bloomberg sent a pointed message Thursday to a political world grappling with his underwhelming presidential debate debut: He's not going away.
The New York ultra-billionaire lashed out at leading Democratic rival Bernie Sanders and U.S.
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Boat carrying 91 migrants goes missing in Mediterranean

CAIRO -- A rubber dinghy packed with 91 migrants that set out from Libyan shores in hopes of reaching Europe has apparently gone missing in the Mediterranean, the UN migration agency said Thursday.
The inflatable boat carrying mostly African migrants departed from al-Qarbouli, 50 kilometres east of the capital Tripoli on Feb.
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New Zealand killer of British backpacker sentenced to life

WELLINGTON, NEW ZEALAND -- Warning: Details in the story may be disturbing to some
The New Zealand man convicted of murdering a British backpacker he met on a dating app has been sentenced to life in prison with a minimum non-parole period of 17 years.
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Ukrainian protesters hurl stones at evacuees from China

NOVI SANZHARY, UKRAINE -- Ukraine's effort to quarantine more than 70 people evacuated from China over the new virus outbreak plunged into chaos Thursday as local residents opposing the move hurled stones at the evacuees and engaged in violent clashes with police.
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