Brad Wall won't sign on to national carbon tax

Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall has announced he will not be signing any agreement with the federal government that includes a national carbon tax.

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Wall made the comment on Facebook, while expressing his displeasure that the “the Federal Environment Minister just declared there will be a national carbon price, before the Premiers and Prime Minister even meet.”

“In case you're wondering, I won't be signing any agreement that includes a national carbon tax,” he added.

Wall wrote that, “with the energy sector reeling and the Canadian economy struggling, it is simply not the time for a new national tax.”

British Columbia has long had a carbon tax, while Alberta and Ontario have recently announced details of their plans to put a price on climate-change causing carbon emissions.

A carbon tax could hit Saskatchewan particularly hard, not only because it is a producer of fossil fuels, but also because it relies heavily on burning coal for electricity.


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