Early cannabis sales 'unbelievably high' after legalization: feds' U.S. consultant

OTTAWA -- A U.S. consultant hired by Ottawa to assess Canada's eventual recreational pot market says jurisdictions that regulate cannabis should expect "unbelievably high" sales growth in the first few years as criminals are driven out of business.
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Yo ho ho! Pennsylvania aims to smash U.S. embargo on Cuban rum

HARRISBURG, Pa. -- Pennsylvania's Cuban rum run got its start in a chance meeting last fall in the parking lot in front of the state capitol.
"'You know, we have rum,"' a visiting Cuban government liaison told state Sen.
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Swedish cows in a great moooo-d as summer pastures open

DROTTNINGHOLM, Sweden -- Despite a cold wind and chilling temperatures, spring has come to Sweden. At least, spring for the milk cows.
In an annual event that warms hearts across the country, "koslapp" -- the cow release -- has become a popular family outing for urban residents.
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Is this the future of college: Online classes, but no degree

WASHINGTON -- Connor Mitchell's university classes take place online, he doesn't have any exams and he studies in a different country every year.
Is he looking into the future or taking a gamble?
With college costs rising steadily and with more courses available online for free, some observers are beginning to question the need for a traditional college education that may include lectures on Greek philosophy but burden students with massive debt.
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Trump to spend Day 100 in office talking trade

WASHINGTON -- U.S. President Donald Trump is marking his 100th day in office by talking tough on trade.Trump's first 100: Day-by-day highlights Analysis: We've read all President Trump's tweets, so you don't have to The White House says the president will sign an executive order Saturday that will direct his Commerce Department and the U.S.

New York City pitches to Canadian tourists amid 'Trump slump'

TORONTO -- New York's tourism industry is worried U.S. President Donald Trump's "America First" policies are turning off Canadian visitors, and they're heading north this week to woo Canucks and their tourism dollars.
The head of New York City's official tourism organization, NYC & Company, minces no words in admitting he's keen "to counter a little bit of the negative rhetoric that is coming out of Washington.
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Trump says he's brought 'profound change' to Washington

WASHINGTON -- U.S. President Donald Trump on Saturday marked his 100th day in office by saying he had brought "profound change" to Washington and reaffirming that "my only allegiance" is to those he governs.Trump's first 100: Day-by-day highlights Analysis: We've read all President Trump's tweets, so you don't have to During an evening trip to Pennsylvania, one of the states that propelled his unlikely election victory, Trump planned to sign an executive order directing the Commerce Department and the U.S.

Iconic Dad's chocolate chip cookies discontinued, customers bitter

For months, some Canadians have been searching in vain for their beloved Dad's chocolate chip cookies.
A current Facebook thread on the topic is full of tales about quests for the item.
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'Not for the faint of heart': Why getting a marijuana producer licence is a long shot

The regulatory gates to Canada's legal marijuana regime are open, but only a crack.
Health Canada has received 1,630 applications for licences to grow or sell medical cannabis as of March 31. Only 43 licences have been approved so far, representing just 2.6 per cent of the total applications.
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U.S. economy expanded at weakest pace in 3 years in first quarter of 2017

WASHINGTON -- The U.S. economy turned in the weakest performance in three years in the January-March quarter as consumers sharply slowed their spending. The result fell far short of President Donald Trump's ambitious growth targets and underscores the challenges of accelerating economic expansion.
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Trump will zero in on trade agreements during 100th day

WASHINGTON -- U.S. President Donald Trump will spend his 100th day in office talking tough on trade in one of the states that delivered his unlikely win.
The president is expected to sign an executive order Saturday that will direct his Commerce Department and the U.S.
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Montreal landlord fined after tenants rent out condo illegally

A Montreal landlord says he’s been fined more than $1,200 because the tenant living in his condo listed the space on Airbnb without his knowledge.
Gerry Galiatsatos said his unit came with tenants when he purchased it less than a year ago.
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B.C. leader could drag Canada into unwanted battle with U.S. on softwood: expert

BURNABY, B.C. -- A vow by British Columbia's Liberal leader to fight American tariffs on softwood lumber may force the federal government to wage an unwanted battle with the United States, an international trade expert says.
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