Prime Minister Justin Trudeau delivered marching orders to his cabinet ministers today, instructing them to govern in a "positive, open and collaborative way" as they move on the minority government's priorities to make life more affordable, strengthen the health care system, fight climate change and promote reconciliation with Indigenous peoples.
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Canadians preparing to board flights over the coming holidays will be armed with more rights if their trips are delayed or cancelled.
On Friday, Transport Minister Marc Garneau reminded travellers that new rules for delayed or cancelled flights will kick in on Sunday.
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Human trafficking hotline that started 6 months ago already has over 1,000 calls

Kaitlin Bick says when she was being sex trafficked in the GTA, she had no idea what was happening to her.
"I thought I had a crappy boyfriend," she said.
Young, vulnerable and without a support network, she was exploited for years.
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Man who tried to kill Edmonton police officer, four others gets 28 years in prison

EDMONTON -- Abdulahi Hasan Sharif, the man convicted of attempted murder for an attack on an Edmonton police officer and four others in 2017, was sentenced to 28 years in prison Friday.
Sharif's sentence was delivered by Justice Paul Belzil in an Edmonton courtroom.
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Blind student says Laurentian University suggested he 'leave the guide dog at home'

Tyler George, a third-year social work student at Laurentian University in Sudbury, Ont., has severe asthma that can be triggered when he's near dogs.
In September, George found himself in the same class as a student who is legally blind and has a Golden Labrador guide dog accompany him.
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Sentencing decision expected for man who tried to kill Edmonton officer, pedestrians

EDMONTON -- Justice Paul Belzil will deliver the sentence for Abdulahi Hasan Sharif on Friday afternoon.
Crown lawyers are calling for a life sentence for the man who struck a police officer with a car before stabbing him repeatedly outside of a CFL game in 2017.
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Poll suggests travellers know little about air-passenger rights

OTTAWA -- New polling results suggest many people boarding flights this holiday season don't know about the Liberal government's new regime outlining air passengers' rights.
A Canadian Automobile Association-commissioned poll being made public today found that just over half of respondents said they hadn't heard or read anything about the rules aiming to protect flyers caught in travel nightmares.
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Crown admits Edmonton police used 'unnecessary force' in arrest of truck thief 

A Crown prosecutor admitted on Thursday that Edmonton police used "unnecessary force" during the June arrest — captured on civilian cellphone video —  of a truck thief who was kicked repeatedly and thrown head first into a brick wall after he was handcuffed.
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This column is an opinion by Michael Spratt, a partner at the Ottawa criminal law firm Abergel Goldstein & Partners, former vice-president of the Ottawa Defence Counsel Association, former Criminal Lawyers' Association Board member, and co-host of the legal and political podcast The Docket.

Vancouver police discriminated against Indigenous mother, B.C. rights tribunal rules

The Vancouver Police Board has been ordered to pay an Indigenous mother $20,000 in damages after the B.C. Human Rights Tribunal ruled Vancouver Police officers discriminated against her when she witnessed them arrest her son in 2016.
In addition to awarding damages to Deborah Campbell, the tribunal also ordered the Vancouver Police Board to provide better training to police who are working with Indigenous people "to ensure they are able to do so without discrimination.
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Toronto couple baffled after their vehicle was stolen for the 3rd time

Danny Goulis has come to know his way around an insurance claim.
That's because somehow, thieves have managed to steal his vehicle from the driveway of his north Toronto home on three separate occasions.
He has even had the same SUV stolen twice.
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Teachers at 300 schools across Canada have been ordered to provide teaching materials from the last seven years, thanks to an ongoing copyright lawsuit between the provinces and publishers.
A judge has ordered eight schools with the Hanover School Division in Manitoba to compile and catalogue copies of their handouts and lesson plans from 2013 onward, the Hanover Teachers' Association says.
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Lil'wat student goes to UBC to learn how to help revitalize Ucwalmícwts

Lexlixatkwa7 Nelson likes to quote her favourite line from Yvonne Wallace's one-woman theatrical production called útszan.
"Ucwalmícwts need to speak Ucwalmícwts," she says.
"It means 'Our people need to speak our language.'"
Nelson, 19, is a second year student at the University of British Columbia and is enrolled in the First Nations and Endangered Languages Program.
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