Delta PD's decorated trauma dog retires after nearly a decade of work

DELTA - A special member of the Delta Police Department is enjoying a well-deserved retirement after nine years on the force.

The member has helped thousands get through unimaginable pain by offering comfort and cuddles on four legs.

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  • 'A painful step backwards': Calls for appeal of intoxication ruling in Ontario echo throughout Canada

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    TORONTO -- The provincial and federal New Democrats are calling for an appeal of a recent Ontario court ruling allowing people accused of sexual assault or other violent crimes to argue they were so intoxicated they did not know what they were doing, calling the law “a painful step backwards. Source
  • Minneapolis to ban police chokeholds in wake of Floyd death

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    MINNEAPOLIS -- Negotiators for the city of Minneapolis agreed with the state Friday to ban the use of chokeholds by police and to require officers to report and intervene anytime they see an unauthorized use of force by another officer. Source
  • U.S. billionaires have regained US$565 billion in wealth since the pit of the crisis

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    The past three months have been financially painful for many Americans -- but not for billionaires. U.S. billionaires have become $565 billion richer since March 18, according to a report published Thursday by the Institute for Policy Studies, a progressive think tank. Source
  • Canadian marches, vigils taking place today to honour black lives lost at hands of police

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    Demonstrators plan to march from Parliament Hill through Ottawa streets to honour black lives lost at the hands of police, with several other protests and rallies taking place across the country this weekend to bring attention to police treatment of black people. Source
  • U.S. protests shift to memorializing George Floyd amid push for change

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    ATLANTA -- The tenor of the protests set off by the death of George Floyd at the hands of police has taken a turn from the explosive anger that has fuelled the setting of fires, breaking of windows and other violence to a quiet, yet more forceful, grassroots call for more to be done to address racial injustice. Source
  • Demonstrators in U.S. vow to sustain momentum until change happens

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    ATLANTA -- Protesters stirred by the death of George Floyd vowed Friday to turn an extraordinary outpouring of grief into a sustained movement as demonstrations shifted to a calmer, but no less determined, focus on addressing racial injustice. Source
  • Quebec reports 50 more COVID-19 deaths, 255 new cases

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    MONTREAL -- There are now 4,935 people who have died of COVID-19 in Quebec, health authorities announced Friday, as confirmed cases in the province reached 52,398. That’s up 50 from the 4,885 deaths reported Thursday; health authorities said 17 of the newly reported deaths occurred prior to May 29. Source
  • Ontario records more than 300 new COVID-19 cases for 3rd day in a row

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    TORONTO -- Ontario health officials recorded 344 new cases of COVID-19 Friday morning, an increase of 1.2 per cent over the previous day, as well as 15 deaths. This brings the total number of lab-confirmed cases in the province to 29,747, including 2,372 deaths and 23,583 resolved cases. Source
  • Flying in solidarity: N.S. pilot draws fist in the sky to support anti-racism protests

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    TORONTO -- A Dartmouth, N.S. pilot known for his elaborate flight path drawings took to the sky Thursday to draw a fist in a show of solidarity for the anti-racism movement. “Racism is gaining ground on us. Source
  • Seven people found dead inside burning house in Alabama

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    VALHERMOSO SPRINGS, ALA. -- Deputies responding to a call about a shooting in Alabama early Friday found seven people dead inside a home that had been set afire, news outlets reported. Morgan County deputies were able to put out the fire before firefighters got to the scene, and that's when they found seven adults dead in the house, according to WHNT-TV. Source