Montreal man, 82, fights eviction

An 82-year-old Montreal man who suffers from cancer is fighting to stay in his Little Italy apartment, after the building’s owner evicted him for renovations.

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Pierino Di Tonno took his case to the provincial rental board Tuesday, where advocates argued on his behalf about the legality of the eviction notice.

Housing activist Martin Blanchard said outside the hearings that the real issue is the ease with people are being evicted for renovations, with nobody looking “seriously” at the landlords’ supposed plans.

“There’s no defence of the rights of tenants to stay in their own apartments,” he added.

Cecilia Zaurrini, a spokesperson for the landlord, said that her client’s goal is to make “reasonable” apartments.

“We’re being blasted for doing something amazing,” she said.

Zaurrini also she has “a lot of sympathy” for Di Tonno and that the landlords were willing to “move him and bring him back” after the renovations.

Di Tonno said he’s worried he will end up on the streets.

With a report from CTV Montreal’s Stephane Giroux


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