'Lost Canadians' advocate wants rewrite of Citizenship Act

OTTAWA - When it comes to immigration law, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau likes to say, "A Canadian is a Canadian is a Canadian" -- but one advocate says it's actually not that simple.

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Don Chapman, who for many years has championed the cause of so-called "lost Canadians," says existing citizenship law is a patchwork of regulations and clauses that lack a clear definition of who is Canadian.

He says he's frustrated the Liberals seem more concerned about the citizenship rights of people convicted of terrorism than those who've lived in Canada all their lives and never broken a single law.

Last month, the Liberals moved to repeal a clause of existing citizenship law that allows the government to revoke a dual national's Canadian citizenship if convicted of certain serious crimes.

Chapman says the time has come to rewrite Canada's citizenship laws entirely, and he says the upcoming 150th anniversary of Confederation is a perfect opportunity.

He's also calling for a citizenship ombudsman to act as a point person for all those caught up in the citizenship bureaucracy.


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