Former mayor Rob Ford admitted to hospital, brother says

Former Toronto mayor Rob Ford is in hospital as a result of his ongoing battle with cancer.

Ford’s brother, Doug, told CP24 that the 46-year-old was admitted to Mount Sinai Hospital on the weekend.

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“Rob is in a real fight like anyone that has been facing this terrible disease,” Doug said. “He needs a little push. Give him a call, say hello, send him an email. That’s what keeps him going, that’s what keeps our whole family going.”

Ford was diagnosed with a rare and aggressive form of soft-tissue cancer called pleomorphic liposarcoma in September 2014, forcing him to quit his re-election campaign.

He underwent surgery in May to have a large cancerous tumour removed from his abdomen.

But in October, doctors found two other tumors attached to his bladder.

Ford’s current condition is unclear.


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