'Oh my God': B.C. man trapped as three cougars surround car

A British Columbia man was trapped in his car for about 20 minutes as three cougars prowled around his vehicle on Vancouver Island.

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Adam Nash of Comox Valley, B.C., could be heard saying "Oh my God, oh my God," as the three cougars approached his car.

Nash captured the unnerving moment on video and posted it online.

He said the cougars lurked around the car for about 20 minutes before disappearing into the bush.

A couple of teenagers in the area have also reported spotting the cougars.

One teen told CTV Vancouver that he was driving at night and spotted "eyes on the road." He said the large felines then turned and he spotted "huge tails."

Conservation officers say the cats in the video appear to be young, and they were likely curious about the car.

With a report from CTV Vancouver


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