Taxi drivers in Montreal plan Uber protest

MONTREAL - Taxi and limousine drivers in Montreal are planning to block access to certain sites across the city today in protest against Uber.

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The Quebec branch of the United Steelworkers union, which represents many of the city's taxi drivers, wants to pressure the provincial government into forcing Uber to stop operating during the upcoming legislative inquiry into the taxi industry.

Last week the Quebec government announced it would create a commission looking into ways of integrating new technological entrants into the highly regulated taxi business.

Taxi drivers across the province say the government hasn't done enough to clamp down on Uber drivers, who they say have been undercutting fares and operating outside the law.

The specific sites of today's blockade are expected only to be released this morning.

Steelworkers spokesman Benoit Jugand says his members won't take the population hostage by blocking access to hospitals or bridges.


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