Man. puppy loses 2 feet and a leg, will walk again after surgery

An injured puppy in Winnipeg will walk again – albeit on three legs -- thanks to emergency surgery at the Winnipeg Humane Society.

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Five-month-old Mittens, a Corgi-Sheltie mix, was recently turned over to a veterinarian in Thompson, Man., after its hind legs and feet were crushed by a car.

Mittens was transferred to the Winnipeg Humane Society Thursday, and received emergency surgery on Friday, to amputate its severely-infected right hind leg.

Humane Society spokesman Kyle Jahns told that Mittens’ left leg is in good enough shape that it wasn’t amputated, but the dog will need a metal prosthetic left hind foot.

“The surgery went well,” Jahns added. “He’s now recovering and will be going into a foster home tonight where he’ll get some love and support.”

Jahns said Mittens will be looking for a permanent home in 2016.

The animal welfare agency points out that it has three to four animals requiring major orthopedic surgery each month, and relies on donations to cover the costs.


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