Proposed class action lawsuit filed over Halifax crane toppled by Dorian

HALIFAX -- A proposed class action lawsuit is looking to recover losses sustained by businesses and residential tenants displaced by the collapse of a construction crane in downtown Halifax last month during post tropical storm Dorian.
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Toronto police looking for two males in unsolved September homicide

Toronto homicide investigators need the public's help to understand why a 21-year-old man was found shot to death in the back seat of his own car, some 19 hours after two males dropped the vehicle off at a plaza with the man still inside.
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Ontario seeks public feedback on expanding nurses' prescription powers

TORONTO -- The Ontario government is looking for public feedback on a proposal that would give registered nurses the power to prescribe certain medications including contraceptives, immunizations and smoking cessation drugs.
Under the plan proposed by the College of Nurses of Ontario, which regulates the profession, nurses would also be permitted to prescribe drugs related to wound care and travel health.
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Liberals set to retain at least five seats in Newfoundland

Polls have now closed in Atlantic Canada and will close in Quebec, Ontario and the Prairies at 9:30. p.m. ET.
Elections Canada says roughly 27.4 million people are eligible to vote at one of the approximately 20,000 polling places across the country.
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Should nurses be allowed to prescribe certain drugs? Ontario wants to know

The Ontario government is asking the public to weigh in on the idea of allowing nurses to prescribe some medications including contraceptives, immunizations and smoking cessation drugs.
The province has asked for public feedback on the changes outlined in a proposal from the College of Nurses of Ontario, which regulates the profession.
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'I hope we did them proud': Farmers rally to finish grieving family's harvest

Trevor Berkan's friends and neighbours remember him for his hard work in the community and the love he had for his family.
Berkan died in the early morning hours of Oct. 9 after suffering an aortic dissection — a condition where the major artery carrying blood to the heart tears.
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Premier Doug Ford changes responsibilities of three cabinet ministers

Ontario Premier Doug Ford has changed the responsibilities of three of his cabinet ministers.
In a statement issued on Monday, Ford said he is re-organizing three portfolios to focus on job creation and small business supports.
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'Not taking shots': Defacer of Thunberg mural in Edmonton wanted voice heard

EDMONTON -- A man says he defaced a mural of teenage Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg because he wanted to take a stand peacefully and the artist who created it says he doesn't mind.
James Bagnall says he wrote “stop the lies” and “this is oil country” on the painting of the 16-year-old girl against a bright-blue background along a light-rail transit line in Edmonton.
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Some Scotiabank customers are experiencing problems with their credit cards where charges appear to be mislabelled. 
"Yesterday, we experienced a technical issue that caused some credit card pending transactions to display on customer accounts incorrectly," Scotiabank said, in a statement to CBC News on Monday.
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Robocalls tell voters to head to the polls a day late

Elections Canada says it has received reports of misleading robocalls made to voters suggesting voting actually takes place on Tuesday, the day after election day.
"There have been some reports of people receiving misleading robocalls in Quebec, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick," said Elections Canada spokesperson Nathalie de Montigny.
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Special voting stations open for evacuees, others affected by Manitoba storm

Polls have opened on a drizzly election day in Winnipeg, where last-minute arrangements were made over the past week to ensure everyone who's eligible will have a chance to cast a ballot.
Elections Canada has set up a special polling station inside the University of Winnipeg's Convocation Hall to accommodate anyone living temporarily in the city after a snowstorm 10 days ago knocked out power to a number of remote First Nations communities.
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Snow-battered Manitoba issues high-water, flooding advisory

WINNIPEG -- Some areas of Manitoba are watching rivers and lakes closely as the province warns rain could bring high water -- or even flooding -- after a devastating snowstorm more than a week ago.
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A single mother says a popular western Newfoundland ski resort's policy on family passes discriminates against some variations of families, such as her and her seven-year-old son.
Dawn Leja wants to see Marble Mountain's policy changed, either in its scope or its wording, after receiving an email from the resort that her family of two didn't qualify for the pass.
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