Michigan, Flint to replace 18,000 lead-tainted water lines

DETROIT - Michigan and the city of Flint agreed Monday to replace thousands of home water lines under a sweeping deal to settle a lawsuit by residents over lead-contaminated water in the struggling community.
Flint will replace at least 18,000 lead or galvanized-steel water lines by 2020, and the state will pick up the bill with state and federal money, according to the settlement filed in federal court.
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Son of Oklahoma homeowner kills 3 burglars

BROKEN ARROW, Okla. - Oklahoma authorities say three would-be burglars have been fatally shot by a homeowner's son who was armed with a rifle.
The Wagoner County Sheriff's Office received a call around 12:30 p.m.
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Rachel Notley, Brad Wall trade more jabs over budget philosophy

Alberta Premier Rachel Notley and Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall continue to take jabs at one another over their provincial budgets.
Notley's government tabled a budget this month that relies on economic growth to reach balance in six years, while Wall's budget boosts the provincial sales tax and cuts spending with the aim of doing it in three.
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A man convicted of killing his three daughters and former wife in a so-called honour killing has been ordered to pay legal fees for one of his co-accused in the crime.
A judge in Kingston, Ont.
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'Unprecedented' dinosaur tracks found in Australia's Jurassic Park

Paleontologists have uncovered what they are calling an "unprecedented" number of dinosaur tracks in Australia.
In all, 21 different types were found along a 25-kilometre stretch of rock on the Dampier Peninsula in the Kimberley region of Western Australia.
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Racist sword killer says he'd mulled racial attack for years

NEW YORK - A white racist accused of fatally stabbing a 66-year-old stranger on a Manhattan street because he was black says he'd intended it as "a practice run" in a mission to deter interracial relationships.
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Murder case against U.S. Border Patrol agent to move forward

TUCSON, Ariz. -- The second-degree murder case against a Border Patrol agent accused of killing a Mexican teen in a cross-border shooting will move forward after a federal judge denied a motion to dismiss the charge.
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UN begins nuclear ban talks but U.S., Russia and China boycott

UN talks aimed at banning nuclear weapons began Monday, but the United States, Russia, China and other nuclear-armed nations are sitting out a discussion they see as impractical.
Supporters of the potential pact say it's time to push harder toward eliminating atomic weapons than nations have been doing through the nearly 50-year-old Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty.
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Bangladesh army ends standoff with ISIS militants, 4 killed

The Bangladesh army said Monday that it has killed all four militants believed to have seized a building in an eastern city four days ago with a large cache of ammunition.
Army spokesperson Brig.-Gen. Mohammad Fakhrul Ahsan said two bodies were found in the building on Monday in addition to six people, including two policemen, who were killed in explosions near it earlier.
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'A perilous pipeline': Indigenous groups line up against Keystone XL

Indigenous groups on both sides of the Canada-U.S. border are speaking up about the Keystone XL pipeline, which has recently been given a green light by the Trump administration.Keystone XL pipeline gets OK from U.S. State DepartmentThe 2,735-kilometre pipeline project by Calgary-based TransCanada would carry roughly 800,000 barrels of oil a day from Alberta to refineries along the Texas Gulf Coast, passing through Indigenous territories in Montana, South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas and Oklahoma.

U.S. AG Sessions: Sanctuary cities must end

WASHINGTON -- Attorney General Jeff Sessions on Monday warned so-called sanctuary cities they could lose federal money for refusing to co-operate with immigration authorities and suggested the government would come after grants that have already been awarded if they don't comply.
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More than 1,000 arrested in protests against Belarusian President Lukashenko

More than 1,000 people have been arrested in Belarus after weekend protests against the country's authoritarian president, Alexander Lukashenko, according to human rights group Vesna.
The group said roughly 150 protestors had already been sentenced to jail terms of up to 25 days.
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U.S. may cut funding to sanctuary cities, attorney general says

U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions said on Monday that cities and states that protect immigrant felons from federal immigration laws may see cuts in grants from the Justice Department.
"Failure to deport aliens who are convicted of criminal offences puts whole communities at risk, especially immigrant communities in the very sanctuary jurisdictions that seek to protect the perpetrators," Sessions told a White House news briefing.
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