Partial recanvass of Iowa caucus leaves Buttigieg with even tighter lead over Sanders

Bernie Sanders' presidential campaign plans to ask for a partial recount of the Iowa caucus results, after the state Democratic Party released results of its recanvass late Tuesday that show the Vermont senator and Pete Buttigieg in an effective tie.
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New virus cases in China fall for 2nd day, deaths top 2,000

BEIJING -- New virus cases in China continued to fall Wednesday, with 1,749 new infections and 136 new deaths announced after China's leader said disease prevention and control was at "a critical time."
Japan also confirmed more infections of the new coronavirus on the Diamond Princess cruise ship, bringing the total to 542 people among the 3,700 crew and passengers initially on board.
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'It looked like a murder scene': Barrie realtor attacked by dog at house showing

BARRIE -- Realtor Carrie Stiles is recovering after she says she was viciously attacked by a dog after a house showing in Barrie.
“The whole thing looked like a bloodbath,” she says of the incident.
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'Ethnic Fashion Doll' toys recalled due to chemical hazard: Health Canada

VANCOUVER -- Plastic toys labelled "Ethnic Fashion Doll" and "Lovely Gal Fashion Doll" are being recalled over a chemical that could pose a hazard to young children.
Health Canada said the heads of the dolls may contain unsafe levels of phthalates, a chemical that's sometimes used to soften plastics and increase their flexibility.
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Veteran finds blood dripping from bathroom ceiling after neighbour's death

A Winnipeg man is without a home after blood started dripping from his ceiling.
Adam Hockett was getting ready to go to work Saturday evening when he went to use the bathroom and found the scene.
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Man who fled Syria shot while delivering pizza in Baltimore

BALTIMORE -- A family friend of a pizza delivery driver who was recently gunned down in Baltimore says he had fled war-torn Syria to seek a better life.
The Baltimore Sun reported Tuesday that the killing of Khaled Heeba remains unsolved nearly two weeks after he died.
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U.K.'s fight with Greece over ancient sculptures spills into Brexit tensions

A long-running dispute between Britain and Greece over ancient treasures has spilled into tensions over Brexit after a demand for the return of stolen cultural artifacts was added to the draft of a European Union negotiating mandate.
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U.S. tells remaining cruise passengers to stay out of country for 2 weeks

The U.S. government made good on its warning to Americans who chose to remain on board a quarantined cruise ship in Japan, telling them they cannot return home for at least two weeks after they come ashore.
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TORONTO -- An Air Canada plane bound for Toronto was forced to declare a mid-air emergency after one of its wheels fell off during take-off.
Air Canada flight 715 from LaGuardia Airport landed safely after 4 p.m.
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Trump goes on clemency blitz: sentences commuted, convicts pardoned

U.S. President Donald Trump has gone on a clemency blitz, commuting what he called a "ridiculous" 14-year prison sentence for former Illinois governor Rod Blagojevich and pardoning former New York Police Department commissioner Bernie Kerik, among a long list of others.
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A "culture of impunity" persists at Edmonton's maximum security prison for men, contributing to a toxic workplace for staff and to conditions that have led to coordinated assaults on some inmates by their peers.
The characterization comes in a document released Tuesday by Ivan Zinger, the Correctional Investigator of Canada, who reports annually on major issues of concern within the federal prison system.
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CN Rail laying off about 450 workers after shutting down Eastern Canada network

MONTREAL -- CN Rail is laying off about 450 workers in its operations in Eastern Canada after cancelling more than 400 trains in the past week over a rail blockade protesting an LNG pipeline in British Columbia.
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Police investigating suspicious package at Doug Ford’s home

TORONTO -- The premier’s office has confirmed that Toronto police are investigating a suspicious package that was found at Doug Ford’s home in Etobicoke.
Police were called to the premier’s residence sometime on Tuesday afternoon.
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