Retired biologist takes a stand against cormorant 'slaughter'

It's early on an overcast Tuesday morning, and retired biologist Buzz Boles, wisely dressed in a bright orange jacket and matching cap, stands perched on the branch of a dead tree on an uninhabited island in the middle of Big Rideau Lake.

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  • Troublesome South African baboon evicted for raiding homes

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    CAPE TOWN, SOUTH AFRICA -- Kataza already had a lengthy rap sheet with Cape Town authorities, so when he organized a band of others to raid a series of suburban homes, he was captured. Now he sleeps at a local prison, although there is a social media campaign for him to be returned to his old stomping grounds. Source
  • It's a boy! New B.C. orca calf is 'healthy' male, researchers confirm

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    VICTORIA -- The newest southern resident killer whale calf to be born off B.C. has been confirmed as male, according to the Centre for Whale Research. The calf, J57, was spotted with its mother, J35 – also known as Tahlequah, a southern resident orca that carried her dead calf across the ocean for 17 days in 2018 – near Point Roberts, WA, on Tuesday. Source
  • Black bear caught on video having a late night snuggle with clothesline in Timmins area

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    TIMMINS -- Some black bears are attracted to bird feeders or the smell of household garbage. But a bear in the Timmins area has a nose for laundry detergent. In the past month, the bear has been making regular visits to a home in South Porcupine, just a few kilometres east of Timmins. Source
  • It's a boy! Researchers confirm sex of famous killer whale's newborn

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    The newly arrived calf of a southern resident killer whale famed for her marathon display of grief is male, the Center for Whale Research has confirmed. Known for now as J57, the baby orca was spotted Tuesday near Point Roberts, Washington state, rolling and spyhopping alongside mother J35, also known as Tahlequah, the American organization said in a news release. Source
  • Bus-size asteroid to zoom by Earth, ducking below satellites

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    CAPE CANAVERAL, FLA. -- An asteroid the size of a school bus is headed our way, but NASA says the space rock will zoom safely past Earth on Thursday. The newly discovered asteroid will come within 13,000 miles (22,000 kilometres) of Earth, well below many of the communications satellites orbiting the planet, scientists said this week. Source
  • Lawsuit asks court to force Facebook to ban militias

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    MADISON, WIS. -- Four people filed a federal lawsuit Wednesday demanding that Facebook prevent militias and hate groups from using the site, after a militia group used the platform to draw armed people to protests in Wisconsin last month that left two people dead. Source
  • Cats with COVID-19 naturally develop antibodies to fight virus, tests show

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    TORONTO -- Two cats from Spain are offering new insights into how felines respond to COVID-19, with scientists saying the animals appeared to have a robust immune response to the virus that protected them from developing symptoms. Source
  • Hundreds of pilot whales die in record mass stranding in Australia

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    The majority of a 470-strong pod of pilot whales found stranded off Australia's remote southern coast has died, officials said on Wednesday, as rescuers struggled in freezing waters and fading light to free those still alive. Source
  • Dutch 'living coffin' aims to provide source for life after death

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    A Dutch startup has created a biodegradable "living coffin" made of a fungus instead of wood that it says can convert a decomposing human body into key nutrients for plants. Loop company says its casket is made of mycelium, the underground root structure of mushrooms, and filled with a bed of moss to stimulate decomposition. Source
  • 101 B.C. First Nations demand removal of open-net salmon farms near Campbell River, B.C.

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    A total of 101 B.C. First Nations, wilderness tourism operators, and commercial and sport fishing groups have united in a show of solidarity to demand the federal government take action on the collapse of Fraser River salmon stocks by ordering the removal of open-net fish farms near Campbell River. Source