Captive beluga whales released into Iceland sea sanctuary

REYKJAVIK, ICELAND -- Two beluga whales from a Shanghai aquarium have returned to the sea in an Icelandic sanctuary, conservationists said Monday, expressing hopes of creating a model for rehoming some 300 belugas currently in captivity.

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  • Group wants Parliament, courts to hold social media to same standard as publishers

    Tech & Science CTV News
    TORONTO -- Friends of Canadian Broadcasting is calling on Parliament to restrain social media platforms from distributing harmful or hateful content by applying the same laws that publishers and broadcasters already face. The lobby group's executive director says courts should be penalizing social media platforms that knowingly spread harmful content. Source
  • Micosoft will buy video game maker ZeniMax for US$7.5 billion

    Tech & Science CTV News
    REDMOND, WASH. -- Microsoft is buying the company behind popular video games The Elder Scrolls, Doom and Fallout. The software giant said Monday that it is paying US$7.5 billion for ZeniMax Media, the parent company of video game publisher Bethesda Softworks. Source
  • A glimpse of the 200 new emojis coming out next year

    Tech & Science CTV News
    In a bit of good news, there will be new emojis in 2021 after all. The Unicode Consortium, a non-profit that oversees emoji standards and is responsible for new releases, announced the release of more than 200 emojis that will hit cell phones throughout next year in a limited "Emoji 13.1" release -- which means even more ways to convey the pain of this year. Source
  • Hundreds of whales are stranded on a sandbank in Australia

    Tech & Science CTV News
    Hundreds of pilot whales are stranded on a sandbar in Tasmania, an island off the southern coast of Australia. A rescue mission is underway but it is not clear how many of the whales might already be dead, local wildlife authorities said Monday. Source
  • Arctic sea ice shrinks to 2nd lowest level in 4 decades

    Tech & Science CBC News
    Warming in the Arctic shrank the ice covering the polar ocean this year to its second-lowest extent in four decades, scientists announced Monday, yet another sign of how climate change is rapidly transforming the region. Satellites recorded this year's sea ice minimum at 3.74 million square kilometres on Sept. Source
  • Microsoft buys game studio ZeniMax for $7.5B to boost Xbox with titles like Doom, Fallout

    Tech & Science CBC News
    Microsoft Corp. said on Monday it would acquire ZeniMax Media for $7.5 billion in cash, strengthening its Xbox video game offering with the studio behind titles such as Fallout and the Doom reboot. ZeniMax is the parent company of Bethesda Softworks, which has also developed hits including The Elder Scrolls, Wolfenstein and Dishonored. Source
  • World's richest 1% drive climate-heating emissions

    Tech & Science CBC News
    Prone to frequent flying, a passion for SUVs and big spending, the richest one per cent of the world's population produced twice as many planet-heating emissions as the poorest half of humanity over the last quarter-century, researchers said on Monday. Source
  • 330 elephants in Botswana may have died from toxic algae

    Tech & Science CTV News
    GABORONE, BOTSWANA -- The sudden deaths of some 330 elephants in northwestern Botswana earlier this year may have occurred because they drank water contaminated by toxic blue-green algae, the government announced Monday. The elephants in the Seronga area died from a neurological disorder that appears to have been caused by drinking water tainted by “a toxic bloom of cyanobacterium in seasonal pans (water sources) in the region,” said Cyril Taolo, acting Director of the Department of Wildlife…
  • SFU ransomware attack exposed data from 250,000 accounts, documents show

    Tech & Science CBC News
    A ransomware attack last spring at Simon Fraser University (SFU) compromised the personal information of about 250,000 students, faculty and alumni, documents reveal. The ransomware — malicious software that locks a computer system until a ransom is paid — breached a database on Feb. Source
  • 14 more coffins found in ancient burial site in Egypt

    Tech & Science CTV News
    TORONTO -- More mysteries have been unearthed from an archeological dig in Egypt that discovered 13 untouched wooden coffins earlier this month. According to an update from Egypt’s Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities, 14 more coffins have been found at Saqqara, a major burial site for ancient Egypt that archeologists have been studying for years. Source