$10M XPRIZE for software that teaches illiterate to read

LOS ANGELES -- The challenge was to develop software that could easily be downloaded onto tablets that poor children around the world could use to teach themselves to read, write and do simple arithmetic. The incentive was $10 million for the winner.

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  • Japan spacecraft starts yearlong journey home from asteroid

    Tech & Science CTV News
    TOKYO -- Japan's Hayabusa2 spacecraft has departed from a distant asteroid, starting its yearlong journey home after successfully completing its mission to bring back soil samples and data that could provide clues to the origins of the solar system. Source
  • U.S. court rules against warrantless searches of phones, laptops at border crossings

    Tech & Science CTV News
    BOSTON -- A federal court in Boston has ruled that warrantless U.S. government searches of the phones and laptops of international travellers at airports and other U.S. ports of entry violate the Fourth Amendment. Tuesday's ruling in U.S. Source
  • Teen climate activist is leaving U.S., setting sail for Spain

    Tech & Science CTV News
    HAMPTON, Va. -- Swedish teen climate activist Greta Thunberg will leave North America and begin her return trip across the Atlantic on Wednesday aboard a 48-foot (15-meter) catamaran sailboat whose passengers include an 11-month-old baby. Source
  • NASA renames faraway ice world 'Arrokoth' after backlash

    Tech & Science CTV News
    Ultima Thule, the farthest cosmic body ever visited by a spacecraft, has been officially renamed Arrokoth, or "sky" in the Native American Powhatan and Algonquian languages, following a significant backlash over the old name's Nazi connotations. Source
  • Facebook Pay aims to make it easier to send money across all of its apps

    Tech & Science CTV News
    Facebook is taking another step to tie its massive social media applications more closely together at a time when there are mounting calls for the company to be broken up. The company said Tuesday that it is consolidating its payment processing for Facebook, Messenger, Instagram and WhatsApp into one brand called Facebook Pay. Source
  • Efforts to control fish-killing lamprey in Great Lakes gets mixed results

    Tech & Science CTV News
    ANN ARBOR, Mich. - Officials say populations of fish-killing sea lamprey remain at near-historic lows in Lakes Michigan and Ontario but are above target levels in Lakes Huron, Superior and Erie. The Great Lakes Fishery Commission issued a progress report Tuesday on containing the parasitic lampreys, which invaded the lakes in the last century from the Atlantic Ocean and threatened trout and other native species. Source
  • 200 elephants have died amid Zimbabwe drought

    Tech & Science CTV News
    HARARE, Zimbabwe -- More than 200 elephants have died amid a severe drought, Zimbabwe's parks agency said Tuesday, and a mass relocation of animals is planned to ease congestion. Zimbabwe National Parks and Wildlife Management Authority spokesman Tinashe Farawo said at least 200 elephants have died in vast Hwange National Park alone since October and other parks are affected. Source
  • Rare, fanged deer-like species rediscovered after 30 years

    Tech & Science CBC News
    A tiny deer-like species not seen by scientists for nearly 30 years has been photographed in a forest in southern Vietnam, a conservation group said Tuesday. Images of the silver-backed chevrotain, commonly called the Vietnamese mouse deer, were captured in the wild by trap cameras, Global Wildlife Conservation said. Source
  • Thunder Bay bird observatory sees record low bird count

    Tech & Science CBC News
    The co-founder of the McKellar Island Bird Observatory says the station banded a record-low number of birds this fall – but John Woodcock says the likely explanation doesn't appear to be cause for concern. The observatory banded a total of 938 birds of 63 species this fall, compared with a mean total of 2,302 birds of 67 species over the previous five years, according to its Facebook page. Source
  • Arctic could face 'abrupt' climate threats due to permafrost thaw, says study

    Tech & Science CBC News
    New research says major climate threats to Arctic communities, ecosystems and infrastructure could come much sooner than expected as vast areas of permafrost continue to thaw. The study, published in Nature Climate Change, says permafrost thaw in the region will likely drive "abrupt" climate change that will happen with "little or no warning. Source