China broadcasts spacecraft pictures from moon's far side

BEIJING -- China on Friday broadcast pictures taken by its rover and lander on the moon's far side, in what its space program hailed as another triumph for the groundbreaking mission to the less-understood sector of the lunar surface.

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  • Alberta paleontologists discover world's biggest and oldest Tyrannosaurus rex

    Tech & Science CTV News
    Paleontologists at the University of Alberta announced on Friday that they have discovered the world’s biggest and oldest Tyrannosaurus rex skeleton. Named for a celebratory bottle of scotch that was shared the night it was discovered, “Scotty” is also the largest dinosaur skeleton ever found in Canada. Source
  • Heads up: Northern lights could be visible this weekend

    Tech & Science CBC News
    A spot on the sun released an explosion that is on its way to Earth and could give us a good chance of catching the northern lights on Saturday. The sun has certainly been quiet lately: in February it went an entire month without even a single sunspot. Source
  • Microsoft researchers stored and retrieved 'hello' message from DNA

    Tech & Science CTV News
    On Thursday, Microsoft announced that a team of researchers successfully executed a proof-of-concept test demonstrating that messages can be encoded in DNA then retrieved and converted back into digital data. Microsoft researchers have been working with those from the University of Washington to develop the "first fully automated system to store and retrieve data in manufactured DNA," a process which has been described in a paper published on Thursday by Nature Scientific Reports. Source
  • Hungry wolves may get new home at Isle Royale National Park

    Tech & Science CTV News
    TRAVERSE CITY, Mich. -- A U.S.-Canadian team is preparing for another mission to relocate grey wolves to Isle Royale National Park in Michigan from a second Lake Superior island, where the predators are in danger of starvation after gobbling up a caribou herd. Source
  • Astronauts take spacewalk to swap space station's batteries

    Tech & Science CTV News
    Two American astronauts are taking a spacewalk to replace aging batteries on the International Space Station. NASA's Anne McClain and Nick Hague are scheduled to work in space Friday for several hours to swap out three old nickel-hydrogen batteries with more powerful lithium-ion batteries. Source
  • Cholera reported in Mozambique in wake of Cyclone Idai

    Tech & Science CBC News
    Even as floodwaters began to recede in parts of Mozambique on Friday, fears rose that the death toll could soar as bodies are revealed. The number of deaths could be beyond the 1,000 predicted by the country's president earlier this week, said Elhadj As Sy, the secretary-general of the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies Source
  • Lobsters unharmed by Atlantic Canada salmon farm, 8-year study finds

    Tech & Science CBC News
    An eight-year study of lobsters living below a salmon farm off New Brunswick's Grand Manan Island found the aquaculture operation had no impact on the crustaceans' abundance, size or growth. The peer-reviewed, industry-funded study was published this month in the Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences. Source
  • Today's Google Doodle uses AI to let you write music in the style of Bach

    Tech & Science CBC News
    Ever wanted to write music like Johann Sebastian Bach? In honour of the composer's 334th birthday, today's Google Doodle uses artificial intelligence to turn a simple melody into a four-part chorale arrangement. The machine-learning model that powers the Doodle, Coconet, was developed by Anna Huang. Source
  • Concerns flagged over Jared Kushner, Ivanka Trump's private emails, texts

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    WASHINGTON -- Ivanka Trump, the president's daughter and a powerful White House aide, did not preserve all of her official emails as required by federal law, and her husband, Jared Kushner, used a messaging application to conduct U.S. Source
  • Facebook stored millions of passwords in plain text

    Tech & Science CTV News
    SAN FRANCISCO - Facebook had stored millions of user passwords in plain text for years, the social media company confirmed on Thursday after a security researcher posted about the issue online. Facebook says there is no evidence that employees had abused access to this data. Source