Astronomers believe telescopes captured birth of black hole or neutron star

In June 2018, telescopes in Hawaii picked up a bright burst in a galaxy 200 million light-years away. Initially, astronomers believed it was a supernova, a star that explodes at the end of its life.

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    OTTAWA -- An independent senator is on a mission to get members of Canada's upper house to stop being so nasty to each other on social media. Tony Dean says recent exchanges on Twitter involving senators and their staff have included "aggressive, harassing and, in some cases, bullying" behaviour. Source
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    GLEN HAVEN, Mich. -- Peering through a spotting scope mounted on a tripod, researcher Alice Van Zoeren notices a piping plover skittering across a sandy, pebble-strewn Lake Michigan beach and hopping into a nest, swapping places with its mate. Source
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    MOSCOW -- Russian scientists have found the furry head of an Ice Age wolf perfectly preserved in the Siberian permafrost. The head of a wolf, which died 40,000 years ago, was discovered in the Russian Arctic region of Yakutia. Source
  • These N.L. women have plastic-free periods. Why aren't more doing the same?

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    Few women would say they're ever excited to see their period return for another cycle, and Kim Thompson used to be one of them. The woman from Portugal Cove-St. Philip's had never been happy using tampons, and the accompanying dry-and-scratchy sensation she felt. Source
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    A new study by the University of British Columbia has found that facial expressions aren’t the only source of information for social and public perception – tilting your head down and lowering your chin by just 10 degrees makes you appear more dominant. Source
  • At least 279 dolphins dead on Gulf Coast, triple usual number: NOAA

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    NEW ORLEANS -- Authorities say at least 279 dolphins have stranded across the U.S. Gulf Coast since Feb. 1, triple the usual number. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration scientists say 98% died. They said during a teleconference Friday that they're investigating whether lingering effects from the 2010 oil spill and low salinity from high rivers and a Louisiana spillway opening contributed. Source
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    The federal government's Expert Panel on Sustainable Finance says Canada has a long way to go to achieve sustainable growth — and in its final report, being released today, it says financial markets will play a fundamental role in unlocking that economic potential. Source
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    BANGKOK -- A baby dugong that has developed an attachment to humans after being separated from its mother and getting lost in the ocean off southern Thailand is being nurtured by marine experts in hopes that it can one day fend for itself. Source