Tapping into a new security trend with the touch of a finger

Engineers at Rutgers University may have put their finger on a very secure but inexpensive way of allowing people to access everything from their homes to their cars without the need for a key or for complex biometric measures.

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  • Japan preschools using tablets to prep tots for digital age

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    YOSHIKAWA, Japan -- It's drawing time at this suburban nursery school in Japan, but instead of crayons, tiny fingers are tapping on colours on iPad screens and taking selfies. Digital schooling has arrived in this nation long known for its zealous commitment to "three R's" education. Source
  • U.S. judge restores protections for grizzly bears, blocking hunts

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    BILLINGS, Mont. -- A U.S. judge ordered federal protections restored for grizzly bears in the Northern Rocky Mountains on Monday, a move that blocks the first grizzly hunts planned in the Lower 48 states in almost three decades. Source
  • Research group tags its first great white shark in Canadian waters

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    LUNENBURG, N.S. -- Researchers looking for a possible great white shark mating site off Nova Scotia have tagged their first shark in Canadian waters. The official Twitter account of the Ocearch research organization posted a photo on Monday afternoon of the male shark, named Nova, that was tagged off the south shore of Nova Scotia. Source
  • Concordia names engineering school after Gina Cody, a first for women in Canada

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    Concordia University's engineering faculty is making history with its new name — the Gina Cody School of Engineering and Computer Science — the first in Canada to be named after a woman, the university says. Gina Parveneh Cody is the former executive chair and principal shareholder of CCI Group, a large engineering firm in Toronto. Source
  • Analysis: What's behind the U.S. push to boost 'quantum computing'?

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    YORKTOWN HEIGHTS, N.Y. -- A race by U.S. tech companies to build a new generation of powerful "quantum computers" could get a US$1.3 billion boost from Congress, fueled in part by lawmakers' fear of growing competition from China. Source
  • 'Absolutely not fake': Rare, venomous, two-headed snake found slithering in backyard

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    For some, the mere sight of a slithering venomous snake with one head is enough to make their hair stand on end. But last week, a northern Virginia woman found one in her backyard with two heads. Source
  • How nervous goats may help predict natural disasters

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    The International Space Station is helping to track animal movements in a bid to predict natural disasters before they happen. Spacewalking cosmonauts set up an antenna for tracking birds on Earth and sent a series of tiny satellites flying from the International Space Station last month. Source
  • Tiny robots send home 1st photos from asteroid's surface

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    Two tiny robots dispatched to the surface of an asteroid from a Japanese spacecraft have sent home their first photos. The Japan Space Exploration Agency confirmed Saturday that the two Minerva-II-1 rovers had landed successfully after being released from the Hayabusa2 spacecraft a day earlier. Source
  • A deep dive into the plastic woes facing Canada's coasts and the world

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    Waves of Change is a CBC series exploring the single-use plastic we're discarding, and why we need to clean up our act. You can be part of the community discussion by joining our Facebook group. When Geneviève Philibert et Alexandre Normandeau go diving, they take an unusual item with them — a mesh bag. Source
  • Bitcoin mining uses so much electricity that one city will pull the plug during heat waves

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    On the day of the grand opening of the largest bitcoin mining project in the country, the weather was partly cloudy and 15 C. On a Friday afternoon like this one, the new facility uses as much electricity as all of Medicine Hat, Alta. Source