#BugsR4Girls: How 8-year-old Sophia Spencer co-authored a scientific paper on bugs

Sophia Spencer hated it when classmates taunted her for her love of insects, but seeing them kill her pet grasshoppers for fun was even worse.
Her first-grade peers couldn't understand what she found so fascinating about bugs of all sorts or why she'd devoted spare time to catching them, reading about them and generally carrying on like a budding entomologist.
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#COVID19, #BlackLivesMatter top Twitter themes in 2020

WASHINGTON, UNITED STATES -- The coronavirus pandemic and the Black Lives Matter movement topped the list of conversation topics on Twitter in a tumultuous year, the messaging platform said Monday.
In a summary of trends, Twitter said the hashtag #COVID19 and other variations were tweeted nearly 400 million times, while #StayHome was the third biggest hashtag of the year.
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$1,000 to build a rain garden available to London, Ont., residents

The London Environmental Network is offering to reimburse up to $1,000 to those in London, Ont. who install rain gardens on their property. 
A rain garden is a landscape feature that is both aesthetically pleasing and good for the environment.
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A blue-ribbon panel charged with reviewing the state of science in Canada for the first time in 40 years says the system urgently needs new money — but also new thinking.
The federal science panel is calling for $1.3 billion in new money and an overhaul to the way research is overseen.
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#FreeMilo sparks free speech debate after Twitter bans conservative writer

A debate over free speech erupted online after Twitter permanently suspended the account of a well-known conservative pundit. reported Tuesday that Twitter had permanently suspended the account of Milo Yiannopoulos. Yiannopoulos is a tech editor for
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$10M first-of-its-kind geothermal pilot project underway in Alberta

A $10-million geothermal project under construction in central Alberta is being hailed as a "game-changer" because it doesn't need to use fracking or water and creates no greenhouse gas emissions.
Alberta Infrastructure Minister Prasad Panda called the pilot project a "game-changer" after visiting its site near Rocky Mountain House on Wednesday.
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#NoFilter: Curiosity rover snaps selfie on Mars

From red carpets to shopping malls to Parliament Hill, the ubiquitous “selfie” has become a nearly unavoidable facet to life on Earth.
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$10M XPRIZE for software that teaches illiterate to read

LOS ANGELES -- The challenge was to develop software that could easily be downloaded onto tablets that poor children around the world could use to teach themselves to read, write and do simple arithmetic. The incentive was $10 million for the winner.
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#RIPVine, long live stardom: Canadians who cashed in on Vine

The timer has finally run out on Vine.
When Twitter launched the micro-video feature back in 2013, it quickly became a viral enigma, challenging users to cram as much comedy, or culture, into each 480×480 pixel frame.
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$115M spent in Canada annually on low-income energy help. Just not in Alberta

The global effort to fight climate change is expected to drive up household energy bills — and one researcher is sounding an alarm for Alberta.
Rising costs for heat and power are expected to hit low-income households the hardest.
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#TRENDING: Drinking the Apple-flavoured Kool-Aid

Every time I think I'm out, they pull me back in.
Although let's face it, I never really wanted out.
Apple on Tuesday reminded the world why they're the most innovative electronics company in the world, and reminded me why I'll keep drinking the apple-flavoured Kool-Aid.
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$12.9B, 4.5 acres: Navy's next-generation aircraft carrier

NEWPORT NEWS, Va. -- The Navy refers to its newest aircraft carrier, the USS Gerald R. Ford, as "4.5 acres of sovereign U.S. territory." The $12.9 billion warship -- the first of the Navy's next generation of aircraft carriers -- is in the final stages of construction after cost overruns and a delay of more than one year.
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