More than three decades after Teanna Elliot was found abandoned in a Calgary parking lot as a newborn, she has found her birth parents. 
Elliot, 32, is perhaps better known as "Baby Mary." She was discovered by two boys in Calgary on Nov.
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Dentist overcharged more than $5K for ice cream gets reimbursed by bank

TORONTO -- A dentist from Winnipeg has been reimbursed by his bank after he was charged more than $5,000 for two servings of ice cream in Costa Rica.
David Kindrat said that when he bought his wife and daughter ice cream in the tourist town of Tamarindo, he thought he was paying in the local currency of Costa Rican colones.
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If the Iraqi Parliament formally asks foreign troops to leave the country, Canada will withdraw its forces, Defence Minister Harjit Sajjan said today. 
"Ultimately, we are here at the request of the Iraqi government. Ultimately, it will be their decision," Sajjan said from the Middle East, where he is visiting Canadian forces.
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Anti-Trump protests have shrunk. What does that mean for 2020?

CHICAGO -- Days after U.S. President Donald Trump killed an Iranian general and said he was sending more soldiers to the Middle East, about 100 protesters stood on a pedestrian bridge over Chicago's Lake Shore Drive with an illuminated sign that read "No War in Iran.
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It may be snowing, but what makes a blizzard?

TORONTO -- Powerful winds and an onslaught of snow slammed Newfoundland on Friday, shutting down roads and prompting St. John’s to declare a state of emergency.
Environment and Climate Change Canada issued blizzard and wind warnings for large parts of the province, particularly in the southeast region of the island, which could see anywhere from 40 to 75 centimetres of snow.
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In a Scarborough, Ont., clinic, a woman receives test results with news no one wants to hear: she has stage three breast cancer.
But along with the prospect of chemotherapy, radiation and a mastectomy, she's also facing a bill in the thousands, because she doesn't have health insurance.
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'Never be scared' to talk about mental health says Thunder Bay peewee hockey team

The Volunteer Pool Bearcats, a Thunder Bay peewee hockey team, usually wears black jerseys. But for this weekend's annual Robin's Minor Hockey Classic in the northwestern Ontario city, they're sporting bright green sweaters, which say Children's Centre Foundation, to encourage more discussion around children's mental health issues.
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Newfoundland blizzard as seen from space

TORONTO -- The frigid winter storm blasting through eastern Canada can be seen from space covering much of Newfoundland.
The storm, which is expected to linger until Saturday, is expected to hit Newfoundland and Labrador the hardest, with the capital of St.
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Report claims YouTube is promoting 'climate change denier' videos

TORONTO -- A new report claims YouTube is promoting “climate change denier” videos, allegations the popular website is disputing.
The report, published by left-leaning online advocacy group Avaaz, claims YouTube is promoting and monetizing videos that spread misinformation on climate change.
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Scientists create a robot made entirely of living cells

Scientists have unveiled the first ever "living robot," an organism made up of living cells, which can move around, carry payloads, and even heal itself.
"All of the computational people on the project, myself included, were flabbergasted," said Joshua Bongard, a computer scientist at the University of Vermont.
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Trade pact will slow Canadian lobster sales to China, says expert

Even though a new U.S.-China trade agreement does not eliminate heavy Chinese tariffs, the deal will result in a loss of Canadian seafood sales to China, according to international trade researcher Mohammad Rahaman of Saint Mary's University in Halifax.
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Iran plane crash victim's family struggles with aftermath

On top of the grief of having lost his brother when Flight PS752 crashed in Iran, Masoud Pourjam is struggling with the challenge of resolving his affairs.
Mansour Pourjam, a dual Iranian-Canadian citizen, is  among the 57 Canadian citizens and 29 permanent residents bound for Canada who died when the Ukrainian International Airlines plane was shot down by the Iranian military outside of Tehran.
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