Voter group wants documents unsealed in Indiana search

INDIANAPOLIS -- A voter mobilization facing an investigation into possible voter registration fraud asked a court Thursday to unseal documents from an Indiana State Police search of its offices, saying it "has been publicly demonized by the highest state officials in Indiana.
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Deadly doses of insulin likely impossible to detect in bodies of 8 seniors: lawyer

It may be medically impossible to prove that deadly doses of insulin were administered to eight elderly patients who police believe were murdered by a nurse.
According to criminal defence lawyer Christopher Hicks, insulin remains in the body for only about two days.
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A Finnish man in his 50s has been arrested on suspicion of manslaughter after the body of a partially naked British man covered in deli meat was found near an airport in southern Spain last week, media report.
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Philippine leader Duterte says God told him to stop cursing

MANILA, Philippines -- The foul-mouthed Philippine president, who once called the pope a "son of a bitch" and told Barack Obama to "go to hell," says he has promised to God he won't spew expletives again.
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YouTube prankster vows to stop 24-hour overnight challenges as police investigate

Youtuber Jay Station says he'll no longer shoot videos of himself inside buildings after hours.
The man behind a series of online videos showing him creeping around after hours inside buildings in Ottawa says he will now stop.
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Oregon militants acquitted of conspiracy in wildlife refuge seizure

A federal court jury on Thursday acquitted anti-government militant leader Ammon Bundy and six followers of conspiracy charges stemming from their role in the armed takeover of a U.S. wildlife centre in Oregon earlier this year.
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Republican VP candidate Pence plane slides off runway at NYC Airport

NEW YORK — Republican vice-presidential candidate Mike Pence’s campaign plane slid off a runway during a rainstorm at New York’s LaGuardia Airport Thursday, tearing up two tracks of concrete before coming to rest on a patch of grass.
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Countries reach agreement on world's largest marine reserve in Antarctica

WELLINGTON, New Zealand -- The countries that decide the fate of Antarctica reached an historic agreement on Friday to create the world's largest marine protected area in the ocean next to the frozen continent.
The agreement comes after years of diplomatic wrangling and high-level talks between the U.S.
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Plane carrying Pence slides off runway at NYC's LaGuardia Airport

NEW YORK -- Republican vice-presidential candidate Mike Pence's campaign plane slid off the runway during a rainstorm at New York's LaGuardia Airport Thursday, tearing up two tracks of concrete before coming to rest on a patch of grass.
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Dog to be returned to original owner after bitter custody battle: Court

A dog at the centre of a bitter custody fight has been ordered returned to its original owner after a judge rejected an argument it was in the dog's "best interests" to stay where it was.
The short history of the case is documented in a court file the thickness of a large print Stephen King chiller.
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VP nominee Mike Pence's campaign plane skids off runway in New York

A campaign plane carrying U.S. Republican vice-presidential nominee Mike Pence skidded off the runway after landing at New York City's LaGuardia Airport on Thursday.
There were no injuries, the campaign said, and Pence pledged to hit the campaign trail again on Friday.
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Mounties catch border-jumping motorcyclist

Police hunting for a suspected border jumper have apprehended a man in the area of Willowbrook Mall in Langley.
RCMP say shortly after 1 p.m., two men riding separate motorcycles illegally crossed the border at the Aldergrove crossing.
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