Judges in Alta. custody case ordered boy not to wear girls clothes in public

MEDICINE HAT, Alta. -- A gender identity expert says judges need more education after two Alberta family court judges ruled a child born a boy can't wear girls clothes in public.
Kris Wells, with the Institute for Sexual Minority Studies and Services at the University of Alberta, says the case shows some judges need their attitudes challenged and corrected.
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Quebec carbon market not changing behaviours so far, but experts are hopeful

OTTAWA -- As politicians across the country worry about the consequences of a national carbon tax on family incomes, many experts say the much-touted carbon market in Quebec has so far had little effect on changing citizens' habits.
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Liberals to bring Yazidi survivors of ISIS genocide to Canada within 4 months

The federal government is committing to take urgent steps to bring Yazidi refugees to Canada within four months.
Immigration, Refugees and CItizenship Minister John McCallum announced during question period today that Liberals will support a wide-ranging motion from the Opposition Conservatives to help survivors of ISIS genocide.
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Dog trapped in well for almost a month showing strong will to live: vet school

SASKATOON -- A chocolate Labrador retriever trapped in a well for almost a month is responding to special care from animal medical clinicians and a nutritionist.
Seven-year-old Bruno is listed as stable in the intensive care unit at the Western College of Veterinary Medicine in Saskatoon.
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Madeleine Thien is Canada's newest literary star — making a splash in Canada and abroad with her novel Do Not Say We Have Nothing — nabbing a high-profile trio of nominations for the Man Booker Prize, the Giller Prize and the Governor General's Literary Awards.
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Dead or Alive frontman Pete Burns dead at 57

The former Dead or Alive frontman passed away unexpectedly on Sunday, according to a statement issued by his management team on Burns’ official Twitter page.
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Alberta taps climate change fund to help farmers reduce CO2 emissions

EDMONTON -- Alberta is tapping into its industrial carbon levy fund to help the farm sector reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
The province says it will spend $10 million to expand existing programs that encourage producers to use energy efficient equipment and solar power.
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Woman dies after allegedly throwing herself onto highway to escape abusive husband

An Oklahoma mother of five hurled herself out of a moving car allegedly to escape her abusive husband, friends say.
Brianne King, 33, was riding in the passenger’s seat of a vehicle being driven by her husband Michael Muller, when police suspect she opened the vehicle door and threw herself onto a busy highway last Tuesday, according to local station KFOR-TV.
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Jared Fogle's ex-wife sues Subway

NOBLESVILLE, Ind. -- The ex-wife of former Subway pitchman Jared Fogle is suing the restaurant chain for damages, saying the company received three reports indicating his sexual interest in children but failed to take proper action and continued promoting him as their spokesman.
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The Bard was not a solo act.
Oxford University Press' new edition of William Shakespeare's works will credit Christopher Marlowe as co-author of the three Henry VI plays, underscoring that the playwright collaborated with others on some of his most famous works.
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Why one piece of evidence mattered so much in Dennis Oland murder case

From the earliest days in Dennis Oland's murder trial, the Crown faced an uphill battle to convince jurors that a precarious balance of circumstantial evidence added up to a guilty verdict.
Nonetheless, in December jurors found the member of the clan that owns Moosehead Breweries guilty of the second-degree murder of his father, as family members wept loudly in the Saint John courtroom.
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Teens arrested after students beaten, horse punched at Philadelphia university

Philadelphia police say they've arrested four teens on assault charges in flash mob attacks around Temple University in which college students were beaten, an officer was knocked down and a police horse was punched in the face.
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