Humans are having a huge influence on the evolution of species

Swallows are evolving smaller, more manoeuvrable wings to help them dodge buildings and vehicles.
Some fish are growing mouths that are smaller and harder to hook.
Large animals from caribou to tuna are disappearing.
Meanwhile, it's boom time for anything not too fussy about where it lives or what it eats.
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Deer impaled on fence, Edmonton residents call for changes

WARNING: Some readers may find the content in this story disturbing
Residents in an Edmonton neighbourhood are calling on the city to modify the type of fencing situated near areas with wildlife after several deer were impaled on a fence and had to be euthanized.
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Transit riders, drivers brace for influx of Amazon employees

NEW YORK -- Commuters beware: New York and Washington's clogged streets and creaky subway systems are about to feel more pain as 50,000 more people descend on the two metro areas where Amazon will open new headquarters.
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Chinese to account for half of luxury sales by 2025: study

MILAN -- Chinese consumers will remain the driving force for the luxury goods market, according to a new study by Bain consultancy released Thursday that shows they will fuel nearly half of global high-end sales by 2025.
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Storm system moves into N.L. after battering Maritimes

ST. JOHN'S, N.L. -- A ferocious storm is pounding much of Newfoundland and Labrador with powerful winds, blowing snow and surging waves.
Environment Canada says winds could gust to 120 kilometres an hour, largely along Newfoundland's southern coast.
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EDMONTON -- Alberta Opposition Leader Jason Kenney says it is up to the United Conservative Party's board to decide whether to expel a member who compared the LGBTQ rainbow flag to the swastika.
Kenney told reporters he does not have the power to force John Carpay out of the party, even though Kenney announced two weeks ago he had directed the party to pull the card of another member following reported links to that member and a white supremacist website.
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Sri Lanka politicians scrap as change in PM continues to roil

Rival lawmakers exchanged blows in Sri Lanka's parliament on Thursday as disputed Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa claimed the Speaker had no authority to remove him from office by voice vote.
The fighting in the chamber came a day after it passed a no-confidence vote against Rajapaksa's government.
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Police to update investigation into killing of 3 people from Six Nations

Police and a member of the Six Nations community will provide an update today on the investigation into the deaths of one woman and two men whose bodies were found in a truck near London, Ont., earlier this month.
Representatives from the OPP, Six Nations Police Service and a community spokesperson will speak with the media during a news conference at the Six Nations Social Services Building in Ohsweken starting at 10 a.m.
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'We won't go': Fearing safety, Rohingya unwilling to return right now to Myanmar

The head of Bangladesh's refugee commission said plans to begin a voluntary repatriation of Rohingya Muslim refugees to their native Myanmar on Thursday were scrapped after officials were unable to find anyone who wanted to return.
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Hotels apologize in China after video shows how they clean

BEIJING -- At least four major international hotel chains apologized Thursday after hidden camera video of their room cleaning practices in China was posted online.
The 11-minute video shows cleaners wiping cups and sinks with dirty towels and sponges.
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Cop accused of stealing cash during drug raid won't face charges

VICTORIA -- A British Columbia police officer will not be charged over an allegation he stole cash during a drug raid in Abbotsford last year, even though the provincial prosecution service says the officer's actions are "concerning.
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Farm animals may soon get new features through gene editing

OAKFIELD, N.Y. -- Cows that can withstand hotter temperatures. Cows born without pesky horns. Pigs that never reach puberty.
A company wants to alter farm animals by adding and subtracting genetic traits in a lab.
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