Saskatoon police issue warning, women report sex assaults, possible spiked drinks

Saskatoon police have issued a warning after two women reported being sexually assaulted after their drinks may have been drugged.
Police say the women were at different bars on the weekend.
Officers from the Sex Crimes unit are investigating.
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Quebec anti-corruption unit warns union over using 'UPAC'

MONTREAL -- Call it acronym acrimony.
The province's anti-corruption unit certainly wasn't laughing over a public-sector union's appropriation of the word "UPAC."
The four letters make up the unit's French acronym and are very well known in the province.
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The Calgary haunted house show will go on [Video]

Oliver said that Tuesday afternoon while she and her husband, Jason, were in the backyard working on the elaborate haunted house they've set up around their Chaparral home annually for the past seven years, her sister-in-law brought back a bylaw officer.
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Victim Fine Surcharge back in hands of judges

As the saying goes, you can’t squeeze blood from a stone, but that certainly hasn’t stopped our federal government from trying until recently.
Back in 2007, the Harper government introduced a relatively modest tax known as the Victim Fine Surcharge (VFS).
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Feds defend Pacific NorthWest LNG decision as court challenges filed

Catherine McKenna, second left, Minister of Environment and Climate Change, speaks while flanked by Jim Carr, from left to right, Minister of Natural Resources, British Columbia Premier Christy Clark and Dominic LeBlanc, Minister of Fisheries, Oceans and the Canadian Coast Guard, after the federal government announced approval of the Pacific NorthWest LNG project, at the Sea Island Coast Guard Base, in Richmond, B.C.
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Trump full of phony excuses on why he's losing

Donald Trump is sounding more delusional and deranged by the minute.
It’s not just his hackneyed claim that the election is “rigged” against him and the liberal media is orchestrating the hit job. It’s the other dumb reasons Trump’s regurgitating for why he’s losing, and potentially badly, against Hillary Clinton.
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UN committee calls for outlawing nuclear weapons

United Nations member states have voted overwhelmingly to approve a resolution calling for negotiations on a treaty that would outlaw nuclear weapons, despite strong opposition from nuclear-armed nations and their allies.
The vote in the UN disarmament and international security committee on Thursday saw 123 nations voting in favour of the resolution, 38 opposing and 16 abstaining.
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Phoenix the cat reunited with owner a decade after disappearing

The stories this cat could tell.
Phoenix, a tuxedo cat who went missing some 10 years ago, has been reunited with his long-lost owner after some clever sleuthing and a stroke of luck.
"I never thought I'd see him again," Krista Sylvester said Thursday.
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Maggie 'takin' it like a champ' - killed in purported alternate 'Walking Dead' clip

It was bad enough for fans of The Walking Dead that Abraham and fan fave Glenn fell victim to Negan’s head-bashing bat, Lucille.
Could have been worse, though. Much worse.
A video leaked online, purporting to show a different death scene for TWD Season 7 premiere.
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Man claims animal sanctuary raided because he also runs a swingers club

A wildlife-loving swingers club owner claims state officials are targeting his lifestyle by shutting his animal sanctuary.
Kendall Seifert, 53, who operates the Scarlet Ranch Swingers Club and Squirrel Creek Wildlife Rescue in Colorado is bothered with the state government.
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'They are not together right now,' source says of Mariah Carey split rumours

Mariah Carey’s representatives are remaining quiet over rumours the superstar has split from her billionaire fiance James Packer.
Multiple reports suggest the Hero hitmaker, 46, parted ways with Australian businessman Packer, 49, earlier this month, although they are still said to be in contact as they consider their future together.
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The cat came back — 12 years later!

A little more than the very next day — 12 years later in fact — the cat came back.
Black and white kitty Phoenix sneaked out of his owner’s backyard in Mayland Heights more than a decade ago, and this week ended up at a southwest vet office, looking clean, plump and apparently living a life of feline leisure.
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