Study offers 'a bit of a window' into iconic young salmon stocks on East Coast

ST. ANDREWS, N.B. -- A 14-year tracking study is giving scientists an unprecedented range of data on young Atlantic salmon in four major East Coast rivers.
The iconic species is famous for drawing anglers to the region, but researchers wanted to know more about their juvenile survival rates.
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Mystery donor gives Virginia museum painting worth $40M

RICHMOND, Va. -- A mystery donor has given the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts its most valuable gift of a single work of art in its decadeslong history.
"Progress (The Advance of Civilization)" was painted in 1853 by Hudson River School member Asher B.
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European Central Bank ends stimulus despite growth worries

FRANKFURT -- The European Central Bank will halt at year end the stimulus program that for almost four years has reinvigorated the eurozone economy -- despite new risks including global trade wars and Brexit.
Thursday's decision by the bank's 25-member governing council closes out a 2.6-trillion euro ($3 trillion) program that President Mario Draghi credits with putting more than 9 million people in jobs.
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Explosion during Edmonton bank robbery injures security guards

Two security guards were injured when an explosion occurred during a bank robbery in Edmonton.
Edmonton police say the robbery occurred early Thursday morning at a Scotiabank in the city’s northeast.
Karan Singh, who works in the area, told CTV Edmonton that he heard two explosions shortly after 2 a.m.
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Ex-judges to ICE: End immigration arrests at courthouses

BOSTON -- Dozens of retired state and federal judges called Wednesday on U.S. immigration officials to stop making arrests at courthouses of people suspected of being in the country illegally, saying immigrants should be free to visit halls of justice without fearing they will be detained.
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Virgin Galactic aims to reach space today with tourism rocket

Richard Branson's Virgin Galactic is preparing to take the long-awaited step of trying to fly its tourism rocket ship to the edge of space.
Virgin Space Ship Unity was undergoing final checks in preparation for a test flight early Thursday that could take it far higher than before and a big step closer to turning the dream of commercial space tourism into reality.
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Miss Universe contestant defends comments about non-English speaking rival

An American beauty queen vying for the Miss Universe crown is defending herself against accusations of xenophobia, saying her controversial comments were meant to show how much she admires two of her competitors.
Sarah Rose Summers has been hit with backlash for comments she made in two videos about Miss Universe contestants from Cambodia and Vietnam.
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France sees 6th yellow vest protester die in road accident

PARIS -- A sixth "yellow vest" protester has been killed in France after being hit by a truck at a road blockade near the southern city of Avignon, French authorities said Thursday, as the protest movement showed no signs of abating.
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Sesame Street introduces homeless character named Lily

The makers of Sesame Street have introduced a new character to the iconic children’s program, with the goal of offering help to homeless children.
Lily, a seven-year-old Muppet who is staying with friends on Sesame Street after her family lost their apartment, is featured in new videos and interactive activities for children.
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'Canada will pay': Chinese state media threaten repercussions over Huawei arrest

Chinese state media is urging Canadian officials to release a top technology executive facing possible extradition to the United States in scathing editorials warning of “revenge” and “unnecessary troubles” for Canada if it doesn’t comply.
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As protectors abandon Trump, investigation draws closer

NEW YORK -- U.S. President Donald Trump has now been abandoned by two of his most powerful protectors, his longtime lawyer and the company that owns the National Enquirer tabloid, bringing a perilous investigation into his campaign one step closer to the Oval Office.
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Former nicotine research monkeys now at primate sanctuary

GAINESVILLE, Fla. - More than two dozen monkeys that were test subjects in nicotine addiction research have been moved from an Arkansas lab to a Florida primate sanctuary.
The Gainesville Sun reported Wednesday that the squirrel monkeys are now at the city's Jungle Friends Primate Sanctuary.
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