Ontario man died in agony after nursing home neglected bed sore, lawsuit alleges

A 68-year-old man spent his last days in agony after a Toronto nursing home neglected to treat a massive, oozing bed sore on his behind, a planned class-action lawsuit alleges.
The lawsuit against Revera Nursing Homes, one of the biggest long-term care companies in Canada, alleges that Arthur Ross Jones did not receive proper care and was often neglected by nursing home staff.
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Finance Minister Morneau to deliver economic update on Nov. 1

Finance Minister Bill Morneau is to deliver his fall economic update to the House of Commons on Nov. 1.
These updates typically contain little more than fresh economic and fiscal projections, although in the past they have included budgetary measures.
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Canadian comedian reads WikiLeaks' Assange the news

Julian Assange may be without internet access but a Canadian comedian Bobby Mair stepped in to make sure the WikiLeaks founder didn’t miss too much.
Mair, who is from Seaforth, Ont. but is now living in London, U.K.
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Man convicted of biting off fellow mourner’s nose at drunken Nova Scotia wake

PICTOU, N.S. — A Nova Scotia judge has convicted a man of aggravated assault for biting off part of a fellow mourner’s nose in a drunken brawl at a wake.
Judge Del Atwood found Randall Edwin MacLean guilty of aggravated assault, but made it clear many people behaved badly at the 2014 wake in downtown Pictou, N.S.
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Quebec Court of Appeal rules Montreal can appeal judgment on pit bulls

MONTREAL -- The City of Montreal has been granted permission to appeal a lower court ruling that suspended its controversial pit bull restrictions.
Quebec's top court will allow the city to present arguments Nov.
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Canada-Europe trade deal brinkmanship hinges on Walloons, but also visas

European Union trade policy seems to be teetering, thanks to a high-risk standoff with Belgium's Wallonian regional government, set to climax Friday morning as leaders gather for European Council strategy talks.
But a second issue blocks unanimous support for Canada's trade deal, and this one's comparatively easy for Justin Trudeau to fix.
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Woman facing deportation issues plea to stay in country she considers home

HALIFAX — A 33-year-old woman facing deportation to the U.K. pleaded Thursday to be allowed to stay in the country she considers home, a day before a hearing that may shed light on her fate.
Propped up in a hospital bed as she recovers from surgery, Fliss Cramman said she is terrified of being sent back to England, where she was born but left with her family at the age of eight.
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From election campaigns to dishonest monkeys: Why we're hard-wired to lie

In what will likely be remembered as the most surreal election campaign in modern American history, one word has been thrown around more than most — liar.
Whether it's Donald Trump accusing Hillary Clinton of being a "world-class liar" or Clinton saying that Trump's political career is "founded on [an] outrageous lie", dishonesty has been a major talking point of the 2016 presidential contest.

Breaking Bad fanatic killed cop, dissolved body in acid after Grindr meet: Prosecution

A man “obsessed” with Breaking Bad allegedly strangled a cop then got rid of his body in an acid bath after inviting him to a “hot, dirty, sleazy” sex party.
A British court was told that Italian Stefano Brizzi, 50, met PC Gordon Semple, 59, on gay dating app Grindr.
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Bye, Bao Bao! Later, Mei Lun and Mei Huan! Pandas leaving U.S.

WASHINGTON -- The panda population in the United States is dropping by three.
Atlanta's zoo announced Thursday that its 3-year-old giant panda twins will leave the zoo Nov. 3. And the National Zoo in Washington said it will be saying bye-bye to panda cub Bao Bao in 2017.
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Half-mile ice cream sundae sets record in Michigan

LUDINGTON, Mich. — Guinness World Records says a roughly half-mile-long ice cream sundae that was gobbled up in Michigan this June was the longest ever.
The Ludington Daily News reports that the sundae measuring a little over 2,970 feet in length and fed thousands of people lining eight blocks in the Lake Michigan town.
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Tech issues mean no online literacy test for Ont. high school students

TORONTO -- Tens of thousands of Ontario high school students were unable to take their first online literacy test Thursday because of widespread technical issues.
The Education Quality and Accountability Office pulled the plug on the "voluntary" online test for which most of the province's 900 secondary schools had signed up Online literacy test cancelled in Ontario due to widespread technical issueso participate.
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