Caribou herd in Labrador may not recover from rapid decline: biologists

ST. JOHN'S, N.L. -- Biologists say a once-thriving caribou herd in Labrador that exceeded 800,000 animals in the 1990s is on the verge of collapse, with fewer than 9,000 remaining.
The Newfoundland and Labrador government says the George River herd won't recover unless all illegal hunting is stopped.
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Toronto police release causes of death in triple murder involving crossbow

Toronto Police have released the causes of death of three people at a suburban home in Toronto last Thursday, at least one of which involved a crossbow.
Det. Sgt. Mike Carbone told reporters Monday that a female victim was killed by strangulation, a man died by “crossbow bolt” and a third man was killed by a “single arrowhead stab wound to the neck.
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Oil wells south of Mosul burn days after key town retaken

QAYARA, Iraq -- The skies above this small northern Iraqi town are black with smoke and ash rains down from around a half dozen oil wells that Islamic State group fighters set ablaze as Iraqi troops moved in to retake Qayara last week.
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Statistics Canada celebrates 'best census since 1666'

On the long list of what Canadians love, it seems you can add filling out census forms to pastimes such as watching hockey and listening to The Tragically Hip.
Statistics Canada is celebrating its "best census ever" after 98.4 per cent of the census population filled out their long-and short-form questionnaires this year.
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Batman vs. Deathstroke? Speculation high after Affleck tweet

LOS ANGELES - Speculation is rampant about Ben Affleck's upcoming stand-alone Batman film after the actor and director tweeted what appears to be footage featuring a famous DC Comics villain.
Affleck tweeted a brief video of what looks to be a film version of Deathstroke Monday.
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2 arrested in Italy for looting quake-hit homes

Italian police have arrested two people for allegedly looting quake-damaged homes.
Police say officers riding motorcycles Monday to navigate rubble-strewn streets arrested a Romanian man and woman.
The suspects were driving a car with German plates and were arrested for suspected looting in Preta.
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CAQ leader Legault: Burkini would not likely pass party's citizenship test

ST-JEROME, Que. — Immigrants in favour of the burkini would likely fail a Coalition Avenir Quebec government imposed values test and could be refused citizenship, party leader François Legault suggested Monday.
Legault has also announced he is "totally opposed," to Montreal police officers being allowed to wear hijabs while on duty because he believes persons in authority should be neutral.
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Human ancestor Lucy's cause of death solved, scientists say

The famous human ancestor known as Lucy walked the Earth, but it was her tree climbing that might have led to her demise, a new study suggests.
An analysis of her partial skeleton reveals breaks in her right arm, left shoulder, right ankle and left knee — injuries that researchers say resulted from falling from a high perch such as a tree.
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Montana plane crash kills 'Ice Road Truckers' TV show star

MISSOULA, Mont. -- A plane crash in western Montana killed a star of the History channel reality series "Ice Road Truckers" as he returned home to film a pilot episode of a show about recovering plane wrecks.
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Man claiming British royal title jailed in 3 Las Vegas cases

LAS VEGAS - Authorities say a 53-year-old man who claims a British royal title is jailed in Las Vegas ahead of court hearings on criminal charges that could put him in prison for up to 14 years.
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California wildfires sparked by woman driving on rim

SAN ANDREAS, Calif. -- A car driven by a woman high on drugs sparked several wildfires that have burned at least 450 acres in Northern California, authorities say.
The woman was driving on the right rear rim of her subcompact car, emitting sparks that caused the fires in Calaveras County, 65 miles southeast of Sacramento, The California Highway Patrol tells KCRA-TV.
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Insured mortgage delinquencies rise in Alberta, Sask., CMHC says

More Albertans are having difficulty paying their mortgages on time, according to data from the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation.
As of the end of June, the federal Crown corporation said 1,487 of its loans in Alberta were at least 90 days late in paying mortgages that CMHC insures.
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