Armed man tries to breach FBI office, is injured in standoff

An Ohio emergency management agency said a standoff has ended Thursday between law enforcement and an armed man suspected of trying to breach the FBI's Cincinnati office.
State police earlier said the man has “unknown injuries” after he fled and exchanged gunfire with law enforcement.
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While moviegoers flocked to testosterone epics “Top Gun: Maverick” and the latest “Doctor Strange” over the summer, the head of Cineplex Inc. says he's certain the romantic comedy is due for a comeback on the big screen.
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Woman found with gunshot wounds in Vancouver's Downtown Eastside

A woman was badly injured in what Vancouver police say is the third shooting in five days in the city.
The latest victim was found with gunshot wounds early Thursday morning in the Downtown Eastside, police said in a statement the same day.
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Vegetarian women more likely to suffer hip fractures: study

A study out of the United Kingdom reports women who don’t eat meat are more likely to break their hips later in life.
Researchers from the University of Leeds monitored 26,000 women over 20 years, of which 28 per cent were vegetarian.
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U.S. CDC drops quarantine, screening recommendations for COVID-19

The top U.S. public health agency on Thursday relaxed its COVID-19 guidelines, dropping the recommendation that Americans quarantine themselves if they come into close contact with an infected person.
The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention also said people no longer need to stay at least six feet away from others.
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Cambridge Bay wrestler wins 1st gold for Nunavut at Canada Summer Games

Cambridge Bay wrestler Eekeeluak Avalak circled the mat flying his Nunavut flag after becoming the first Nunavut athlete ever to win a gold medal at the Canada Summer Games.
His mother, Wendy Kootoo-Wood, has been streaming her son's matches online from her home in B.C.
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A new regulation prohibiting "cosmetic surgeries" on cats and dogs has just been adopted in Quebec.
The regulation, which will come into effect in 18 months, prohibits declawing, devocalization, tail docking and ear cropping of cats and dogs.
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Anne Heche crash now being investigated as felony, police say

Actress Anne Heche is now being investigated for felony DUI after crashing her car into a Los Angeles area home, which then caught on fire last week, according to police.
The initial investigation was for misdemeanor DUI, but results from a blood draw from Heche and word of an injury to someone inside the home have elevated the matter to a felony, LAPD Officer Jeff Lee told CNN.
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Canada to start testing some wastewater for polio 'as soon as possible'

After new reports of polio cases abroad, and virus samples in the wastewater of several other developed countries, Canada intends to start testing wastewater from a number of cities "as soon as possible," CBC News has learned.
The Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) already works to monitor polio activity around the world, a spokesperson said in an email response to CBC News questions.
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Jerry Hall, Rupert Murdoch reach agreement on divorce

Model and actor Jerry Hall and media mogul Rupert Murdoch have agreed to the terms of their pending divorce, her attorney said Thursday.
Hall filed a request in Los Angeles Superior Court on Wednesday to dismiss her original petition for divorce from Murdoch, which she filed last month, with permission to file a new one.
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U.S. Justice Dept. seeks to unseal search warrant of Trump home

The U.S. Justice Department has asked a court to unseal the search warrant the FBI received before searching the Florida estate of former President Donald Trump, Attorney General Merrick Garland said Thursday.
Garland cited the “substantial public interest in this matter” in announcing the request at a hastily scheduled Justice Department news conference.
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Cause sought for Indiana house explosion that killed 3

Authorities worked Thursday to determine the cause of a house explosion in a southern Indiana neighbourhood that killed three people and left another person hospitalized.
The explosion Wednesday afternoon in Evansville damaged 39 homes and crews on Thursday morning completed a secondary search of buildings that had been left unstable by the explosion and no more victims were found, Fire Chief Mike Connelly told reporters.
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