Ukrainian minister says Russia blocking access to medicines

Ukraine's health minister has accused Russian authorities of committing a crime against humanity by blocking access to affordable medicines in areas its forces have occupied since invading the country 5 1/2 months ago.
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Praise, worry in Iran after Rushdie attack; government quiet

Iranians reacted with praise and worry Saturday over the attack on novelist Salman Rushdie, the target of a decades-old fatwa by the late Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini calling for his death.
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Ontario's wedding industry is swamped, but is a full recovery within reach?

Couples are finally making their way down wedding aisles in Ontario after years of pandemic-related restrictions derailed many matrimonial plans.
For industry members, the 2022 wedding season is like nothing they've ever experienced. But some wonder what their businesses will look like after the chaos has subsided.
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China sending fighter jets to Thailand for joint exercises amid Asia-Pacific tensions

The Chinese air force is sending fighter jets and bombers to Thailand for a joint exercise with the Thai military on Sunday.
The training will include air support, strikes on ground targets and small- and large-scale troop deployment, the Chinese Defence Ministry said in a statement posted on its website.
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These Canadian startups are taking quantum computing mainstream

It's not what you'd expect to find on the 29th floor of a Toronto office building. Instead of cubicles, a complex arrangement of lasers, mirrors and optical fibres run from floor to ceiling, making up the quantum computer called Borealis.
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Sweat streams down Rob Bushprnr's face as he struggles under the morning sun to bend the copper piping in a North London backyard that will soon be attached to a brand new air conditioner.
According to government and market research company estimates, less than five per cent of homes in the U.K.
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How Bollywood star Aamir Khan brought his Hindi adaptation of Forrest Gump to life

In a new Hindi-language adaptation of Forrest Gump, life isn't like a box of chocolates — it's like a box of golgappas, an Indian street food delicacy composed of flatbread, filling and spiced water.
Bollywood actor Aamir Khan — one of the biggest movie stars in the world — delivers a similar but distinct line about the popular snack as the main character in Laal Singh Chaddha, a faithful remake of the 1994 classic starring Tom Hanks.
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Quidditch is being renamed. But the sport will never lose its magic, say players

The word most often used to describe real-life games of quidditch is "chaos," according to the person who oversees much of its play in Canada.
The sport came to life in 2005 when two college students decided to see how the magical game described in J.K.
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Convicted B.C. sex criminal arrested in Cambodia for allegations of child rape

WARNING: This story contains disturbing details about alleged sex crimes against children.
Investigators in Canada and Cambodia are looking into the activities of a Vancouver man arrested for a number of sex crimes against Cambodian children.
The Child Protection Unit, an investigative group affiliated with Cambodia's Ministry of Interior and funded by non-profit organization Cambodian Children's Fund, says Andrew David Eyre, 43, was arrested and charged last week with aggravated rape of a child and indecent assault.
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Teenage Head to continue concerts after murder of guitarist Gord Lewis

Canadian punk rock band Teenage Head has said they will go forward with their upcoming shows following the murder of founding member and guitarist Gord Lewis.
In a post on social media Friday, the band said the decision was a difficult one, but they felt fulfilling the commitment would honour their “fallen brother and start the process of healing.
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Potential hack for some Boeing planes fixed: researchers

A digital vulnerability in the computer systems used on some Boeing Co aircraft that could have allowed malicious hackers to modify data and cause pilots to make dangerous miscalculations has been fixed, security researchers said on Friday.
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Two years after Zoom incident, Jeffrey Toobin leaving CNN

Jeffrey Toobin, who rejoined CNN as a legal analyst after stepping away in the wake of exposing himself to colleagues in a Zoom call, said Friday that he was leaving the network after 20 years.
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