Migrants forced off ship after refusing to return to Libya

CAIRO -- Libyan authorities forcibly removed dozens of migrants who had barricaded themselves in a container ship in the port city of Misrata for the past 10 days after being picked up at sea.
The migrants had refused to disembark, saying Libya is too dangerous for them.
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Baby dies in Bali after U.S. woman allegedly threw it from car

DENPASAR, Indonesia -- An American woman allegedly threw her 2-month-old daughter from a moving car on the tourist island of Bali and then tried to kill herself by jumping from the vehicle, Indonesian police said Wednesday.
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'I came here knowing I had it all to learn.'MacAulay reflects on 30 years as MP

OTTAWA -- The morning of Sept. 11, 2001, Canada's solicitor general Lawrence MacAulay was yanked out of a gathering of justice ministers in Nova Scotia. A plane had crashed into the World Trade Centre in New York City.
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Fort McMurray fire showed animal care gaps during natural disasters: researcher

CALGARY -- A Calgary researcher says the Fort McMurray wildfire in 2016 showed how pets are often overlooked in disaster planning.
Kim Williams with Mount Royal University's Centre for Community Disaster Research interviewed 32 evacuees, first responders, veterinarians, volunteers, politicians, policy-makers and animal welfare workers involved in Canada's costliest natural disaster.
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Reports say Japan prosecutors to hold Ghosn for 10 more days

TOKYO -- Nissan Motor Co. chairman Carlos Ghosn will be detained for another 10 days following his arrest on suspicion of falsifying income reports by millions of dollars and misusing company assets for personal gain, Japanese media reported Wednesday.
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Fiscal update to lay out competitiveness plan, close loop on some Liberal vows

OTTAWA -- The federal government will release a fall economic update later today that will seek to close the loop on some of its outstanding mandate commitments, leaving the door open for the Liberals to use next year's budget as their 2019 election platform.
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Oland to enter not guilty plea, finally face retrial for his father's murder

SAINT JOHN, N.B. -- Dennis Oland is expected to enter a plea of not guilty this morning, as his retrial in his father's murder finally gets under way.
Oland will be re-arraigned in a Saint John courtroom, before the much-delayed case proceeds to opening statements and possibly the first witnesses.
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U.S. carrier in Hong Kong after bombers fly over South China Sea

HONG KONG -- A U.S. aircraft carrier docked in Hong Kong on Wednesday, days after a pair of American B-52 bombers flew over the disputed South China Sea.
The arrival of the USS Ronald Reagan and its battle group in the Asian financial hub comes after China rejected a similar request by another U.S.
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What Trump surrendered by giving Saudi crown prince a pass in Khashoggi's killing

He promised to be the "law and order" president. He pitched himself as the ultimate dealmaker.
Yet in a single White House statement, in which he gave Saudi Arabia's crown prince a pass for the killing and dismemberment of U.S.
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Loblaws cranks up self-checkout with app that scans items while you shop

Loblaws is ramping up self-checkout with new technology called "shop and scan" — a system that lets people scan their items with a phone app while shopping, saving time at checkout.
On Thursday, Loblaws will begin testing shop and scan at five grocery stores in the Greater Toronto Area, and will expand to three more locations in the region in the coming weeks.
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Greater fool theory comes back to haunt bitcoin and tech stocks: Don Pittis

So, when a speculative investment plunges in value, where does the money go? 
As bitcoin crashes to year-long lows, as tech stocks give up their entire 2018 gains and as global oil prices tumble to a level not seen since October 2017, it is common to to hear investing being compared to playing roulette.
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Seoul says it will close Japan-funded sex slavery foundation

SEOUL, Korea, Republic Of -- South Korea said Wednesday it will dissolve a foundation funded by Japan to compensate South Korean women who were forced to work in Japan's World War II military brothels.
The widely expected decision, if carried out, would effectively kill a controversial 2015 agreement to settle a decades-long impasse over the sexual slavery issue and threatens to aggravate a bitter diplomatic feud between the Asian U.S.
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