How the pandemic pushed puffin research back years

Machias Seal Island is tiny speck of land isolated out in the Bay of Fundy. 
But despite being more than 15 kilometres away from any mainland, the pandemic has found a way to derail more than 25 years of research on Atlantic puffins and a variety of other seabirds.
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TikTok lovers rage against Trump threat of U.S. ban

SAN FRANCISCO, UNITED STATES -- A TikTok star pounds a beat as she weaves lyrics mocking the idea of U.S. President Donald Trump banning the short-form video sharing app.
The "Trump Freestyle" post Monday by @maya2960 quickly racked up more than a million views and 500,000 "likes" on the popular platform owned by China-based ByteDance.
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China accuses U.S. of 'outright bullying' over TikTok

BEIJING, CHINA -- China accused the United States on Tuesday of "outright bullying" over popular video app TikTok, after U.S.President Donald Trump ramped up pressure for its U.S. operations to be sold to an American company.
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Between watching Apollo 13, Star Wars and Canadian astronaut Julie Payette's first trip into space, Farah Alibay says she always had the bug for space exploration.
Now, the Montreal-born NASA aerospace engineer is waiting for the Perseverance rover — currently hurtling toward Mars at a speed of nearly 40,000 kilometres per hour — to land on the Red Planet.
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Norway cruise ship passengers with coronavirus reach 43

COPENHAGEN -- The number of passengers on a Norwegian cruise ship who have tested positive for the coronavirus has reached 43, authorities said Tuesday.
The outbreak on the MS Roald Amundsen raised new questions about safety on cruise ships during the pandemic even as the industry is pressing to resume sailings after shutting down in March.
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As courts prepare to restart jury trials, advocates call for fair pay for jurors

Canadians would rather get poked with a needle and give blood than sit on a jury, according to a recent national study conducted by the Canadian Juries Commission.
The survey found that the only thing Canadians rated worse than jury duty was volunteering at a hospital during the pandemic.
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Pessimism does not come naturally to the world of business, which may be why there was so much early enthusiasm for the idea of a V-shaped recovery.
Based on a graphic portrayal of the economy's initial sharp decline, the V-shape, as opposed to W, U or L, was seen as the most optimistic path.
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Within a year of starting school at Redeemer University, Lauren Druif wanted out.
As a queer student, she knew there was a risk of being an outcast at the private Christian school in Ancaster, a suburban area of Hamilton, Ont.
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Quebec shipyard is setting up an Arctic icebreaking research centre

Describing itself as Canada's polar partner, the Chantier Davie Shipyard in Quebec plans to announce the creation of a national centre on Tuesday focusing on icebreaking in the country's Arctic.
It is, according to a senior executive at the Levis, Que.
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Asian shares extend rally after S&P 500 nears record

Shares advanced across Asia on Tuesday after Wall Street closed broadly higher on encouraging economic reports, starting off August by closing within 3% of the record high it set in February.
Investors appear to be shrugging off surging coronavirus caseloads in dozens of countries.
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Urgency to bear witness grows for last Hiroshima victims

HIROSHIMA, JAPAN -- For nearly 70 years, until he turned 85, Lee Jong-keun hid his past as an atomic bomb survivor, fearful of the widespread discrimination against blast victims that has long persisted in Japan.
But Lee, 92, is now part of a fast-dwindling group of survivors, known as hibakusha, that feels a growing urgency -- desperation even -- to tell their stories.
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Isaias downgraded to tropical storm over eastern North Carolina

Hurricane Isaias has been downgraded down to a tropical storm after making landfall near Ocean Isle Beach, North Carolina, according to an official with the National Hurricane Center.
The hurricane had touched down just after 11 p.m.
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