Red ink will rule, but optimism in the oilpatch as earnings released

Precision Drilling announced some full-on good news last week with its third-quarter earnings. Although the company lost $47 million in the third quarter and revenue was down by nearly a half, it also said that it had rehired 1,000 workers.
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Iraqi residents optimistic about ISIS defeat

CALGARY -- It's an uneasy alliance born out of necessity.
Two residents of the Kurdistan region near Iraq's second-largest city say past differences are being put aside for now to defeat the Islamic State.
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CN Rail slightly raises outlook for 2016 despite dip in Q3 profits, revenues

MONTREAL -- Canadian National Railway Co. boosted its earnings forecast for 2016 despite seeing its profits and revenues decline in the third quarter.
The Montreal-based railway raised it outlook for the year, saying it expects adjusted earnings will increase by about one per cent above the $4.44 per share earned last year.
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Paul Beatty beats 2 Canadians to win Man Booker Prize for 'The Sellout Man'

LONDON -- Paul Beatty has won the Man Booker Prize for fiction for "The Sellout Man."
He is the first American novelist to take the prestigious literary award.
Judges said Beatty's provocative book, a stinging satire of race and class in the United States, was as timely as the evening news.
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Teenager attacked and tossed in river recalls darkness and pain

A teenager who was beaten, sexually assaulted and thrown in a Winnipeg river two years ago says she continues to carry physical and emotional scars.
The girl, who cannot be identified under a court order, wrote a one-page victim impact statement for the sentencing hearing of her attacker.
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Video shows boy, 7, punched in stomach by parent at school

A mother in Washington, D.C., was horrified to see a school surveillance video showing a man sucker-punching her seven-year-old son in the stomach.
In the clip, a man casually walks over to young John Mclean and, without provocation, punches him.
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Self-driving beer truck goes nearly 200 km on delivery

Anheuser-Busch says it has completed the world’s first commercial shipment by self-driving truck, sending a beer-filled tractor-trailer on a journey of more than 120 miles through Colorado.
The company says it teamed with self-driving truck maker Otto and the state of Colorado for the feat.
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As Trump falters, more Republicans say they'll block Clinton

WASHINGTON -- A new fundraising email from House Speaker Paul Ryan's political operation, over former Speaker Newt Gingrich's signature, seeks money for Republican congressional candidates by calling the appeal "our very last chance to stop Pelosi and Hillary.
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Walking Dead villain sounds off on brutal murders

*** Warning: This story contains Walking Dead spoilers ***
Jeffrey Dean Morgan was “completely drained” after shooting the season seven premiere of The Walking Dead.
The 50-year-old actor stars as the villainous Negan in the hit zombie drama, and used his barbed wire covered baseball bat, nicknamed Lucille, to claim the lives of Steven Yeun’s Glenn and Michael Cudlitz’s Abraham in the first episode of the new series of the programme.
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Supporters see Trump as ‘human Molotov cocktail’: Michael Moore

If Trump is elected the next president of the United States, frustrated, decent Americans will have have successfully launched “the biggest f--- you recorded in human history.”
No, these words didn’t come from Trump or any of his surrogates - they’re all from the mouth of liberal documentarian Michael Moore.
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Taco Bell terror allegedly beat mom over burrito

Logan Badgley was a very hungry young man and for the 22-year-old Tennessee man, only Taco Bell would do.
But there were roadblocks to getting to Burrito Land. Badgley argued bitterly with his mom “because he wanted her debit card so he could go get some Taco Bell” and later, allegedly, beat her with a hockey stick when he had to go hungry.
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Justin Timberlake's ballot selfie may have violated election law

Justin Timberlake could be in big trouble after posting a shot of himself voting early online.
The busy star didn’t want to miss the chance to cast his vote for America’s next leader, so he flew home to Memphis, Tennessee after the Trolls premiere in Los Angeles on Sunday so he could stand up and be counted.
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